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Epische Lootbox für Nerds und Geeks (Juli '18) Warhammer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doctor Who & Torchwood, Alien vs. Predator, DC Comics (Sonstige), Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevil, Rick and Morty, Geile Scheiße, LootBox

Autor:  DavidB

Dieser Weblog-Eintrag ist nicht gesponsort.

Schon inzwischen einem Jahr habe ich nun schon die LootBox von getDigital im Abo (ist das dann ein papiernes Jubiläum?) - und diesen Monat hat sie mich sehr begeistert!

Epische Lootbox für Nerds und Geeks (April '18) Star Wars, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doctor Who & Torchwood, Futurama, Ghostbusters – Die Geisterjäger, DC Comics (Sonstige), Marvel Comics (Sonstige), Hulk, Batman, Geile Scheiße, LootBox, Star Wars

Autor:  DavidB

Dieser Weblog-Eintrag ist nicht gesponsort.

Seit einem dreiviertel Jahr habe ich die LootBox von getDigital im Abo.
Und, soviel verrate ich jetzt schon, diesen Monat hat sie mich besonders begeistert!

Leseempfehlungen Comics und Cartoons (Sonstige), DC Comics (Sonstige), Batman, DC Comics, Fanfics, Leseempfehlungen, Robin

Autor:  Sean


Ich bin seit kurzem auf einem neuen DC-Trip. Comics lesen ist immer halb Schmerz und halb Freude, wobei ich bei DC nicht sicher sagen kann, ob diese Balance auch nur annähernd zur positiven Seite ausschlägt... wie dem auch sei! Da ich in letzter Zeit auch wieder vermehrt Fanfics aus dem Bereich gelesen habe, wollte ich ein paar Funde mit euch teilen (geht davon aus, dass das Rating NSFW ist, solange ich es nicht anders vermerke):

Three- (or more) -somes
The bats lend themselves to these.

Titel: In the night and on our own
Pairing: Dick/Jason/Tim
Quote: “Well, not like it’s better but…at least they waited to replace you after you died, right?”
Jason freezes, frowns, a cold pit forming in his stomach. “Red—“
“No, seriously. Everything goes to hell and at the end of it all I get pushed aside, stripped of my uniform, have to start off from scratch while everyone thinks I’m crazy for thinking B’s not dead, like I’m just overly attached and don’t want to lose a dad twice, I get it.”
Kommentar: I LOVE this one. The above quote captures so MUCH of what I want to say about Tim. Anyway, the bat family begins to find back together but Tim doesn't quite fit in. Warning: sad.

Titel: You're Welcome Anytime
Pairing: Dick/Jason/Tim
Quote: “But...you and Dick-“
“Don’t mind some company from time to time,” Jason whispered, “Especially if it’s you, Tim. Trust me.”
Kommentar: Jason and Dick think Tim should totally join them because why not. This one isn't even sad, yay!

Titel: Trio
Pairing: Kon/Tim/Bart
Quote: Bart would sometimes sit around, lay on his stomach on the same bed and just stare, analyze, capture every moment frame-by-frame of Tim throwing his head back and Kon sighing.
Kommentar: I love Young Justice threesomes. These boys were so good together.

My number one OTP to end all OTPs, at least as far as DC is concerned. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this pairing. And yet, there is hardly any (good) fic. In fact, there was none in my bookmarks that I considered good enough for this rec list.

Nicht mein absolutes OTP, aber insgesamt eine sehr schöne Sache. Und vor allem gibt es so viel davon!

Titel: You're my Brand of Poison
Quote: Tim is such a lonely boy. Tim is a lonely boy who loves, who obsesses over Batman, over Robin. He had obsessed over Dick Grayson, over Jason who was the Robin before Tim. The Robin Tim was always compared to, the Robin who had a fucking shrine dedicated to. The Robin who had died.
Kommentar: Jason is drunk and rough sex happens.

Titel: Unexpected
Quote: Making up his mind, Drake shrugs off his jacket and starts unbuttoning his shirt. "Show me," he says.
Jason grins, predatory. "You're going to have to be a little more specific, kid."
Drake finishes stripping off his shirt and goes to his dresser. "Is this specific enough?" he asks, offering Jason the crop handle-first.
Kommentar: Tim is interested in BDSM. Jason has some experience.

Titel: give a little, get a lot
Quote: “You know, Drake, it never ceases to amaze me how you can go from orgasm to snippy in .5 seconds, this has gotta be a new record. Most people, I’d say it should take at least a coupla’ minutes.”
Kommentar: Less drama, more humor. I like this because Tim actually does have his very own sense of humor which few people get right.

Titel: Watching and Wanting
Quote: The kid's watching him. Jason can feel it even as he backhands the little fucker into a wall. Even as the kid stutters, obviously taken off his stride by Jason. His supposedly genius mind is kicking the hamster wheels hard enough for Jason to hear the squeak as he tries to get them going again, but he doesn't once stop watching Jason.
Kommentar: I like the ones that emphasize Tim's stalking activities and abilities. Jason also does some watching of his own.

Titel: hand prints and good grips
Quote: “Do you have any idea what you fucking looked like in there?” Jason growls right next to his ear, pressed up so tight against him that Tim can feel his belt buckle digging into the small of his back.
“Like a stripper, hopefully.”
Kommentar: Tim is undercover as a stripper. Jason shows up, sex happens.

This one is getting closer to the OTP label. I like my pairings age-gappy and dysfunctional.

Titel: Echoes hanging in the air
Quote: He rests his forehead against the wall and breathes through it, and Bruce is always so *steady*. It shouldn't be as surprising as it is, but his body is insisting on reminding him of how it feels with every thrust.
Kommentar: Shower sex after patrol. Te hat einen sehr eigenen Stil, den mag man oder eben nicht.

Titel: The Art of Losing
Quote: Tim takes a breath. "Clarity, here, would be a good idea. As good a one as we can hope for, considering --"
"Tim," he says, in *that* voice. The one Tim knew before all the others. The real one.
Kommentar: Tim stopped being Robin. Batman pays him a late night visit. (Te wrote several fics concerning the whole 'Robin Unmasked' thing and I love all of them! (Others I remember are Being and belonging (a Dick/Tim fic) and When I have lost my way (in which Tim hypnotisizes himself to forget all about Robin). I should probably list these separately but I'm lazy. Do read them though!)

Titel: A Sufficiency
Quote: It was never difficult for Tim to get on his knees for Bruce, not the first time or any of the times between then and now. It was harder for Bruce to accept it and Tim understood why that was in the same way that it made something acidic and impatient burn in the back of his throat.
Kommentar: I love the introspection on Tim's part. Their relationship is somewhat messed up, as it should be.


Title: Everybody hates a Tourist
Pairing: Bruce/Hal (Now this, this is an OTP, but it's so hard to find!)
Quote: "That was, uh," Hal says "my fault, I think," and this gets him the subtle purse of lips that connotes Batman having an emotion.
Kommentar: Bruce and Hal have a thing going on. Hal doesn't quite understand it.

Titel: Scents
Pairing: Slade/Tim (I could stand to see more of this but in a world where there isn't even enough Slade/Dick...)
Quote: “I’m pretty sure I’d remember meeting you.” Tim tried, glancing quickly around the room for the exits.
Kommentar: Slade finds Tim in a club. Way too short and entirely harmless.

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