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Videos zu: Tales of ... (Videospielreihe)

Videos zu Tales of ... (Videospielreihe)
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Von:  Shiina (PikohanTales)
Datum: 03.12.2011, 22:13
Länge: 2:51 Minuten
Thema: Tales of ... (Videospielreihe)
Kategorie: Making of/Outtakes
Beschreibung: It's nothing special, but yeah! here we go with our very first cosplay video :D

You might ask "What the fu** is this?!" but we had a lot of fun with sorting and editing these outtakes which were filmed during our Graces cosplay photoshoot XD
Perhaps there is still enough material to cut a trailer of some sort or at least show you our victory quotes - Be patient and look out for them!

We hope to be able to bring you more videos from our cosplay projects in the future since this was the original purpose of founding the group Pikohan.

This video is completely fanmade and in no association with the original.
Tales of Graces belongs to Namco Bandai.
More credits at the end.

Enjoy, Pikohan Productions (Written by Yamane)

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