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Videos: MexxKite
Von: Raith (Raith)
Datum: 21.09.2014, 19:33
Länge: 3:31 Minuten
Kategorie: Event-Impressionen
Beschreibung: Das hat gedauert, aber nun präsentiere ich euch nicht nur das Ongakumatsuri CMV, sondern auch mein Amateur Intro!

Mein neues Motto: Don't complain, be Free!

VINCENT LEE - The amadeus effect
http://licence.vincentleemusic.com/​ // english
http://lizenz.vincentleemusic.com/ // deutsch


Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 17.09.2013, 13:45
Länge: 1:58 Minuten
Kategorie: Cosplay
Beschreibung: https://www.facebook.com/MexxKite Wie das letzte mal gibt es wieder nur ein kurzes Video, zum teil wegen schlechtem Wetter zum Teil weil ich auf Cons auch gerne was anderes mache als nur zu filmen XD
Hoffe das es euch dennoch gefällt!
see ya at FBM (wenn ich sogar mal wieder ein Cosplay trage)

Song: Dirty South - until the end

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 23.07.2013, 19:03
Länge: 1:01 Minuten
Kategorie: Con-Videos
Beschreibung: ~English description below~

Nach dem Motto "Fun for All and All for Fun" wollte ich mal wieder ein Video einfach so zum Spaß machen und hab ein paar Freunde von mir bequatscht daran teil zu haben ;)
Leider konnte ich nicht alles so umsetzen wie ich erhofft hab (ein Tag zum filmen reicht einfach nicht aus, wenn man mehr mit seinen Freunden unterwegs sein will um die Con auch mal so zu genießen XD)
Alles in allem bin ich jedoch zufrieden - ich hatte Spaß, meine "Darsteller" hatten Spaß (hoff ich doch) und ich schätze einige von euch könnten beim anschauen auch ihren Spaß gehabt haben ;)

Danke nochmals an http://www.youtube.com/DieselsVideos fürs filmen der 'BehindTheScenes' Sequenz ^^

Song: totalfat - PartyParty

find me on facebook: facebook.com/MexxKite


because I just wanted to make a short video that was mostly planned to make fun, I just filmed one day at CosDay with some friends.
I really had a fun time with them, and also enjoyed the filming a lot more, because I could spend time with them ^^
Thanks to them my convention time is always an adventure!!

Even though I couldn't film everyone I'd like to have in the video, I am happy with the outcome~

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 22.07.2013, 18:56
Länge: 4:05 Minuten
Thema: Batman
Kategorie: Making of/Outtakes
Beschreibung: It took a while, but it's finally here: The BTS/Outtake Video from "The Gathering" a Batman short I worked on last year with some friends ;)
this video will just show you the fun we had during and between the shoots
Since we actually filmed it on a short notice, we improvised a lot, but that was also a great experience for me and the cast (I guess XD)
Hope you enjoy this video, like we did the shooting

Without you guys, all this couldn't have happened in the first place!
I learned so much from the shoot and won some great friends ;)
I am so happy that I could work with you guys, and a amazing time!
I love you all ;)


Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 11.07.2013, 21:50
Länge: 32 Sekunden
Thema: Batman
Kategorie: Trailer/Teaser
Beschreibung: This is just a sneak peak to the upcoming behind the scenes Video from "The Gathering" - a Batman short which I worked on with some friends last year - it was released in February 2013
We really had a lot of fun when we shot it, and of course some things went a bit "out of character" but be sure to check it out later this week ;) (probably Sunday evening ^^)

filmed and edited with iPhone 4s - like a boss!! XD


Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 09.07.2013, 15:30
Länge: 4:31 Minuten
Kategorie: Con-Videos
Beschreibung: Since the last weeks/month were super busy I didn't really found the time to finish the videos - and because I didn't film quite enough for each convention, I kinda put all together in this video (which sucks, because it's so stuffed -.-)
Even though there are a lot of clips in this video, I couldn't use every scene I filmed and for that I am sorry as always - sometimes it just doesn't work out as I'd wish it would~

Anyway, I hope you liked the video
Next time I am trying to film better ^^;

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 12.06.2013, 18:03
Länge: 1:30 Minuten
Thema: Batman
Kategorie: Fanvideos/-projekte
Beschreibung: This was made as a Bonus Clip for the FBM2k12!! Cosplay Video.
It was take at the Frankfurt bookfair 2012, and is just for fun.
We shot a bit less than 1 hour completly without any preparation.
Hope you enjoed it anyway ;)

find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MexxKite
follow me on Twitter: @MexxKite

Music used with Creative Comons

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 26.03.2013, 00:50
Länge: 3:51 Minuten
Kategorie: Con-Videos
Beschreibung: Hobey Ho

Even though it took a while I finally finished the Leipzig bookfair cosplay video~
As you can see I tried out many new different things like chroma key, a few vfx and my new lens.
Thanks to all cosplayer in this video, you guys did an amazing job, listening to me what you have to do ^^
And I am very sorry for all those who couldn't fit in the video (sadly I don't have enough takes for a second part, I hope you're not to disappointed about that~)

check me out at facebook.com/MexxKite or follow me on twitter.com/MexxKite

I used a Canon 600D
on a monopod for stabilization
Lenses: EF 50mm f/1.8 II and EF-S 18-55mm
and a greenscreen ;)

Song: Leslie Hunt - Open Your Eyes
used under creative commons

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 26.03.2013, 00:49
Länge: 1:41 Minuten
Kategorie: Showcases
Beschreibung: Bewerbungsvideo als Kamera Team für die Deutsche Cosplay Meisterschaft 2013
DieselsVideos: http://www.youtube.com/user/dieselsvide​os
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Dieselsvideos

DCM: http://www.dcm-cosplay.de
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CosplayDCM<​br>

Song: Août vision - Sikos
used under Creative Commons Attribution License
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/​3.0/deed.en_US

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 10.02.2013, 21:30
Länge: 6:56 Minuten
Thema: Batman
Kategorie: Fanfilme/-serien
Beschreibung: http://facebook.com/MexxKite
Twitter @MexxKite
Behind the scenes & Outtakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M1dnQglfZQ

We actually shot this last minute and I kinda wrote half the script "on set"

Please be aware that none of us is "professional" in any kind of way - it's just a bunch of cosplayer trying to create a new story and have fun doing it ;)
plus since we are all german, you might find the accent or grammar that we use a bit confusing~

It was filmed at Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord in Germany, such a great location check out their homepage http://www.landschaftspark.de/startseit​e
with a Canon 600D!

One of our Thugs, Blowfish, also took supermegaawesome pictures of the Cast that day.
You can check them out on his homepage: http://flyingpussyfoot.com

Music by Epic Soul Factory
used under Creative Commons Attribution License
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/​3.0/

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