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Videos: Fancover
Von: Shaho (Shaho Etain)
Datum: 13.05.2014, 22:39
Länge: 4:01 Minuten
Thema: Vocaloid
Kategorie: Fanvideos/-projekte
Beschreibung: Mein erster Tanz! Hoffentlich ist er nicht allzu schlecht geworden... :)

Von: SweeneyLestrange (Sweeney Lestrange CMV)
Datum: 19.11.2013, 07:33
Länge: 4:06 Minuten
Thema: Doctor Who / Torchwood
Kategorie: Fanfilme/-serien
Beschreibung: This video is a German fantribute to one of the best TV shows that has ever been around: Doctor Who. It is from the fans for the fans and particularly the people that made Doctor Who. We'd like to share our love for Doctor Who and show that the unique story of the Doctor and his companions does not only inspire but also connects many people.

Well, and since the 500 Miles video of the cast & crew and various other fantastic videos by the fans, it was only a matter of time until we gave it a go too.

We tried to gather as many Whovians in Germany as possible (and although it might seem differently we were not particularly looking for cosplayers but actually just for fans). All in all the process of making the video took about 10 months of organizing, planning, filming, waiting for the next convention to happen, and finally editing. We filmed in six different cities with about 70 different people in 81 different costumes (some of which appear in various costumes during the video).

Since it is almost the 23rd of November 2013, it only seems fitting to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who with its upload. I really hope you enjoy the result.

For anyone who's interested, here's a list of all the characters that are in the video:


Rose (9)
Donna (2)
Amy Pond (4)
River Song (2)
Clara Oswald (4)
Jack Harkness (4)


The Master (3)
Ms Foster
Dalek (3)


Harriet Jones
Owen Harper
Ianto (3)
Fans (12)
UNIT Soldier

Von: KeikoKingXtreme (TheRealityProduktion)
Datum: 30.10.2013, 00:22
Länge: 4:03 Minuten
Thema: Halloween
Kategorie: Fanvideos/-projekte
Beschreibung: Hier ist nun endlich unser Halloiween Special =D
Wir hoffen dass es euch gefällt ;)

Allgemeine Werbung für uns selbst xD:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealityProd​uction
Ask: http://ask.fm/TheRealityProduction<​br /> Homepage: http://the-reality-production.jimdo.com​/

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Von: Ichigo_Vodka (SomehowCreative)
Datum: 15.03.2013, 21:30
Länge: 4:26 Minuten
Thema: Kinderbuch (Sonstige)
Kategorie: Fanvideos/-projekte
Beschreibung: Download mp3 : https://soundcloud.com/ichivo/mondlied-​peterchens-mondfahrt

Dieses Lied wollte ich vor ca 1 1/2 Jahren NEU covern...vielleicht erinnert sich noch jemand an das alte Cover auf meinem ehemaligen Channel.
Die Instrumental inklusive der Background-Vocals lag fertig auf meiner Festplatte rum...ich hab's einfach vergessen XD armes Liedchen.
Also hab ich's heute endlich mal fertig gemacht und...naja...zumindest VERSUCHT ein Video aus Aufnahmen, die ich immer mal wieder nebenher mit meinem kleinen Camcorder gefilmt habe, zu schneiden.
Ich hoffe es gefällt euch :)

Original von Beatrice

Ein Video konnte nicht geladen werden.

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