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Von:  DaisukeSB (Percabeth daiphonia)
Datum: 28.01.2016, 19:47
Länge: 4:03 Minuten
Thema: Rick Riordan
Kategorie: Showcases
Beschreibung: Hello guys,

we are Daiyame and Symphonia and we dedicated a huge Cosplay project, we started in 2013, to the 'Heroes of Olympus' book series from Rick Riordan.
Here you'll find our video which is a photo set of Percy's and Annabeth's journey through Tartarus during 'The House of Hades'.
Inspired by many artworks, especially Viria, who also created a drawn sequel for the PJ books and choose songs to fit to the story.
Our Song is 'Move Along' by 'The All American Rejects'

Click on the links below, to find more photos on our Facebook pages and check out Photo Phant, who did all of our Make-Up, took the photos and is also responsible for every bit of photo editing and all finishing touches on the pictures. Without her, it wouldn't have been possible.

Photos & Edit: https://www.facebook.com/PhotoPhant
and her YT channel for Make-Up Tutorials:

Falling into Tartarus photo : VW

Percy Jackson:

Annabeth Chase: https://www.facebook.com/symphoniacos...

Also thanks a ton to:
The godess Nyx:
and our Helping Hands:
Mone and Ingrid

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