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Videos zu: Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft

Videos zu Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft
Von: Roman_Pataki (Moe University)
Datum: 08.06.2013, 07:08
Länge: 47:45 Minuten
Thema: Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft
Kategorie: Interviews
Beschreibung: Welcome to our late night talk straight from the MinGarden Hotel in Düsseldorf, due to the „Doitsu Comicu Maaketo" 2013 . And once again we are not alone -- joining us tonight: Diesel and MexxKite. Well known around German conventions for their fabulous videos, such as CMVs, Showcases and fan short films related to our scene. And they also represent the official DCM 2013 video team. So we take the opportunity to sit down for a bit and having an intense conversation about this year's German Cosplay Championship, the Dokomi and filming at Conventions in general.

When you see this video, Diesel and Mexx already filmed three out five preliminary awards and in my opinion they do a wonderful job so far. If you are curious to see the DCM videos or some of their "daily work" check out the links below:

Official "Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft" YouTube channel:

Diesels YouTube channel:

MexxKites YouTube channel:

And in case you missed one of our previews late-night-talk-tables, or still don't have enough of seeing my KREW and me jabber, feel free to visit the following playlist:

Further we want to thank the MinGarden hotel in Düsseldorf for their wonderful support.

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