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Videos zu: KAKAO (Tradingcards)

Videos zu KAKAO (Tradingcards)
Von: JuleSan (JuleSan jk)
Datum: 26.01.2019, 09:41
Länge: 1:56 Minuten
Thema: KAKAO (Tradingcards)
Kategorie: Speedpaintings
Beschreibung: From time to time there will spawn more of these guys.
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Von: JuleSan (JuleSan jk)
Datum: 29.07.2017, 08:38
Länge: 3:07 Minuten
Thema: KAKAO (Tradingcards)
Kategorie: Making of/Outtakes
Beschreibung: That is the first video of this year and it`s a Trading Card named #happyday!

size: 2.5" x 3.5" (6,4cm x 8,9cm)
tool: pencil
no cuts, speed 150%

Next steps of inking and coloring will follow in seperate videos like before in other playlist.

It`s dedicated to a good friend of mine :)

Music: Believer by Silent Partner

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