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Video: Die Con ist Heiss "Haado Rokku" - Opening 2011

Von: Roman_Pataki (Moe University)
Datum: 27.02.2012, 08:08
Länge: 4:13 Minuten
Thema: Connichi
Kategorie: Con-Videos
Beschreibung: Finally it is done! The Opening/Into for the new and upcoming Con-DVD around the Connichi 2011.

For this year we tried someting new and changed the style of music and the style of presentation. This video is although a retrospective of the last years Connichi but much more a tribute to our community and at least my KREW - without which I could not create videos like this. So if you wanna watch a fancy musicvideo filled with cool looking cosplayers and stuff you have to find another one.

Original Video "The Mission - Van Canto": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F9aJuHJE80

"This is not the greatest video in the world - this is just a tribute"

Rock on and Heavy Metal for all of you!

Edi Edhutschek

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