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Nehrim - Am Rand des Schicksals

Kapitel 5: Einer wird fallen, von WaldelfLarian

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Von:  Lyna1996
2018-05-13T01:33:48+00:00 13.05.2018 03:33
And i am silly its your story not mine...but i am really sad for Naratzul! I think because see Kim this chapter not like the game,then something happen for other charachter like Naratzul Arantheal,smothing different like the game! Thats why say that idea. I know its your story but like the fan really see something happy for Naratzul Atantheal,something...romantic! And yes i love it Naratzul Arantheal. And thank you for listening me!
Antwort von:  WaldelfLarian
13.05.2018 11:15
I love him too.
I'm so sorry ^^"
Von:  Lyna1996
2018-05-13T00:08:59+00:00 13.05.2018 02:08
Oh...its sad. Poor Naratzul Rys an Kim flirting and that poor man angry for past. But well see what suprises see you because Kim that scenes the game not here. That is suprise well see if you are thinking it other suprise see the future!
Von:  Lyna1996
2018-05-12T19:10:17+00:00 12.05.2018 21:10
You make me blush!!!! Thank you!!! And how days before see other chapters? I really wait! I wonder my idea use for you? And thanks again!!! :)
Antwort von:  WaldelfLarian
12.05.2018 23:21
I upload a page every Monday and Friday. It will be a while before there is a new chapter. It's not finished yet. Your idea is quite interesting, but I stick to the game and its end.
Von:  Lyna1996
2018-05-12T02:34:36+00:00 12.05.2018 04:34
Many thanks! I hpe no angry me because say my idea! And Naratzul soo...COOL!!! :0
Antwort von:  WaldelfLarian
12.05.2018 11:41
No, no, its ok ^^ your idea was interesting to read.