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Anime Video Games List
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Die aktuelle Version der großen Liste. Stand: 16. April '00.
Archive-name: games/anime-faq

***NOTE***: As of January 2000 I am now producing the main text with a computer
program. It's a big hack (I used C; it probably should have been Perl) but
makes it much easier to modify or to change the format in the future. It
also means that there may be bugs; if you see a formatting error, please tell

Information I really need, aside from general updates:

Did the game or anime come first for Makeruna Makendou?
What was Crayon Shin-chan game 3?
Valis anime. I want to know *more*. I want a copy, even. :-)
Information on Speed Racer game Japanese versions.
Information on that "Escape from Cyber City" game for CD-I. (Does it exist
in Japan? Does the arcade game?)
Info on the arcade Gundam game.
Which games started out as anime/manga, and which as games. And specifically,
which was Madara?
I heard of a "Yo-yo Battle" game which sounded like a Sukeban Deka game. Does
this game exist and what is it?

Anime-related Video Games [Last modified 4/16/00, posted 4/16/00]

This regular post lists the known games based on anime, manga, and sentai
(Japanese live-action superhero team) and related shows and movies. If both
the game and show are based on something else, such as Lodoss, I still count

Anything which started as a game and was made into anime or manga later, I list
separately at the end. Japanese videogame magazines often serialize game-
based manga, which later gets published in collections like other manga; I
have no real way to find out what most of these are. I've listed what I know,
but they're only a fraction of what's out there.

I'm not listing computer games, even when a game was on a computer before
it was on a game machine. Please don't write to me about the omission.

DISCLAIMER: Because this list relies heavily on non-primary sources, I can't
vouch for their complete accuracy. Use this as a guide only. Thanks! Also,
a lot of the N/As are guesses--it's hard to prove something _doesn't_ exist.
There are about 100-105 yen to the dollar as of this writing. Remember that
the next time you see a company offering a 2800 yen game for $50.

The compatibility notes listed below mean the following:
Compatible: no compatibility problem.
Cosmetic: the games are compatible if you remove non-functional plastic
parts from your machine. If you want to avoid voiding your warranty, you can
buy "adapters" that just extend the cartridge slot.
Hardware: Requires a hardware modification to let your machine run games
from the wrong country.
Language: Requires a hardware modification to switch between different
country versions, but games won't necessarily refuse to run if you have the
"wrong" machine. (Usually, they switch Japanese/English languages if they
do anything unusual at all.) Of course, they _can_ refuse to run, and a
handful of Genesis/MD games act this way; I've listed this information for
Mega Drive games where it's known. (Sometimes an adaptor exists that can be
used instead of this switch.)
The method of building a language switch for the Game Gear or Sega Master
System is unknown.
Adaptor: self-explanatory.

Japanese system North American system Compatibility
--------------- --------------------- -------------
Gameboy Gameboy Compatible.
Gameboy Color Gameboy Color Compatible (?)
Famicom NES Adaptor.
Famicom Disk System N/A N/A
Super Famicom Super NES Cosmetic (Japanese/N. America only)
Adaptor (European/non-European)
Sufami Turbo ? ? ***
Virtual Boy Virtual Boy Compatible.
Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Cosmetic.

PC Engine/Coregrafx Turbografx-16 Adaptor (Japan in US machine)
Hardware (US in Japanese machine)
PC Engine CD/SCD/Duo TG-16 CD/SCD/Duo Compatible.

FM Towns Marty (this is based on a computer system and I am not including it.)

Game Gear Game Gear Language.
Sega SG-1000/Mark 3 Sega Master System Language.
[Mark 3 and SG-1000 weren't completely compatible. I think Mark 3 had a FM
synthesis chip.]
Mega Drive Genesis Cosmetic and Language.
Mega CD Sega CD Adaptor.
(32X) (32X) (Language.)
SegaSaturn Sega Saturn Adaptor or Hardware.
Dreamcast Dreamcast Hardware.

Neo-Geo Neo-Geo Language.
(Neo-Geo CD) (Neo-Geo CD) (Language.)
(Neo-Geo Pocket) N/A N/A
Neo-Geo Pocket Color Neo-Geo Pocket Color Unknown.

CD-I CD-I Compatible.

3DO 3DO Compatible.**

Sony Playstation Sony Playstation Hardware.*
Sony Playstation 2 Sony Playstation 2 N/A

Bandai Playdia N/A N/A

Wonder Swan N/A N/A

(Pippin) (Pippin) (Unknown.)

(Lynx) (Lynx) (Compatible.)
(Jaguar) (Jaguar) (Compatible.)

* Sometimes you can play incompatible Playstation games by booting with a
game from the proper country and switching CDs afterwards, if you make the
machine think the drive is still closed. This often causes problems with the
music, and only works on early machines. There are other, more difficult,
swap tricks possible on later machines. You can replace the ROM in your
machine or get a special chip inserted to be able to play everything.

** Japanese 3DO machines contain a ROM with kanji characters, which American
machines don't; any game using it won't run on an American machine. This is
a rare case where games are honestly incompatible rather than because of a
company's marketing strategy. Luckily, the problem is rare (none of the games
in this list have it.)

*** I hadn't heard of the Sufami Turbo until I saw it on an anime video game
page. It seems to be an add-on to the Super Famicom. I _suspect_ it'll work
in a SNES, but I really don't know.

densetsu, -den: legend
gaiden: side story
gokuraku: heaven, paradise
monogatari: story
OAV, OVA: original animation video
senshi: fighter
shin: new, true (these are written in different ways)
*The Games*

Note: date is a recent addition; a lot of dates are still missing.

"Digital Comic"/"Adventure Game": This type of game is almost unknown in the
US (though I think it did start here, with "Infocomics"). It's basically a
semi-animated comic book/anime hybrid where the player chooses the next step
off of a menu. Think Snatcher. The amount of animation can vary greatly and
is generally much larger on modern systems.
ACE WO NERAE! (Aim for the Ace!)
Super Famicom, "Ace wo Nerae!", N/A
Nihon Telenet, Y9400

PC-FX, "Ah! My Goddess!", N/A
NEC, 12/12/97, Y8000
(Adventure Game)

AKAZUKIN CHACHA (Red Riding Hood Chacha)
Super Famicom, "Akazukin Chacha", N/A
Tomy, 1996, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

PC-FX, "Akazukin Chacha - Osawagase! Panic Race!", N/A
NEC, 10/25/96, Y7800
(Board Game)

THQ planned American-only Akira games for the SNES, Genesis, and Sega
CD. These were cancelled in early 1995.

Famicom, "Akira", N/A
Taito, Y6800

CD^32, N/A, "Akira"
Ice, L30
(Action Game)
This is a British game for the CD^32, which is basically an Amiga 1200
with a CD drive and no keyboard (Commodore died before the CD^32 was
released in the USA.) The one review I saw of this game _really_
savaged it.

Nintendo 64, "Akira" (?), N/A

Super Famicom, "Appleseed Prometheus no Shintaku (Appleseed
Prometheus's oracle)", N/A
Visit, 1994, Y9800
(Action Game)

Arcade, "Area 88", "UN Squadron"
Capcom, 8/89
(Shooting Game)

Super Famicom, "Area 88", "UN Squadron"
Capcom, 7/26/91, Y8500
(Shooting Game)
Adapted directly from the arcade version.

Super Famicom, "Armored Trooper Votoms" (?), N/A
Takara, Y???
(3D Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms Gaiden Blue Knight Berserga
Story", N/A
Takara, SLPS 00981, 10/30/97, Y9800 (limited edition, comes with
Takara, SLPS 00982, 10/30/97, Y5800
(Polygon Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms Lightning Slash", N/A
Takara, SCPS 01960, 3/18/99, Y9800 (limited edition with model)
Takara, SCPS 01961, 3/18/99, Y5800
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms - Woodo.Kummen", N/A
Takara, SLPS 01330, 4/2/98, Y9800 (limited edition, comes with a model
and card)
Takara, SLPS 01331, 4/2/98, Y5800
(3D Action Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms -Steel Force-", N/A
Takara, SLPS 02315, 9/30/99, Y6800
Takara, SLPS 02313~4, 9/30/99, Y6800 (limited edition with Brave Saga 2
data disk)
(Strategy Game)

Super Famicom, "Ashita no Joe", N/A
Kei Amuzement, 11/27/92, Y8900

Neo Geo, "Ashita no Joe Densetsu", "Legend of Success Joe"

Saturn, "Bakuretsu Hunter", N/A
Aimax (?), 4/26/96, Y8800
(Adventure Game)

Saturn, "Bakuretsu Hunter R", N/A
King Record, T-24903G (KIRZ 9), 8/8/97, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Bakuretsu Hunter: Sorezore no omoi ... nowaan chatte",
Banpresto, SLPS 00718, 4/11/97, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Bakuretsu Hunter Mahjong Special", N/A
Banpresto, SLPS 00541, 10/25/96, Y5800

Super Famicom, "Bastard! Ankoku no Hakai-shin", N/A
Cobra Team, 1994, Y???
(Pseudo-3D Fighting/Action Game)
This has gotten some bad reviews.

Playstation, "Bastard!", N/A
Seta/Shueisha Publishing, SLPS 00542, 12/27/96, Y6800
(Role-Playing Game)

Dreamcast, "Berserk", "Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage"

PC Engine, "Bikkuriman World", N/A
Hudson, 10/30/87, Y4500
(Action Game)

PC Engine CD, "Bikkuriman Daijikai", N/A
Hudson, 12/23/88, Y4980
(Quiz Game)

Famicom, "Bikkuriman World Gekitou Seisenshi", N/A
Hudson, 7/27/90, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Super Bikkuriman: Densetsu no [kanji]", N/A
Interbec/Toho, 12/11/??, Y3800
(Fighting Game)
[Are there two SNES games?]

Saturn, "Blue Seed [kanji]", N/A
Sega, 6/23/95, Y5800
(Role-Playing Game)
This game is available at discount prices and is not well-liked.
Theoretically a RPG, it is really more of a full motion video game.

Arcade, "Bravoman", N/A
Based on a manga series. Released in 1988.

PC Engine, "[kanji] Bravoman", "Bravoman"
Namco, Y6800

PC Engine, "Bubblegum Crash!", N/A
Naxat, 12/6/91, Y7200
(Adventure. It mainly features Nene, and you are part of the ADPolice,
with Daily and Leon running around. I muddled through without knowing
_too_ much Japanese, but knowing more would help a lot.)

Famicom, "Takahashi Meijin no Bugtte Honey", N/A
Hudson Sofy, 6/5/87. Y5500, Y???
(Action Game)
Based on an anime based on Hudson Soft's games.

Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 1", N/A
Tecmo, 1988, Y5500
(Cinematic soccer game)

Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 2 Super Striker", "N/A (?)"
Tecmo, 1990, Y6900
(Cinematic soccer game)
Possibly released in the US as "Tecmo Soccer", but this isn't

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 3: Challenge of Kaiser", N/A
Tecmo, 7/17/92, Y8900
(Cinematic soccer game)

Gameboy, "Captain Tsubasa VS", N/A
Tecmo, 1992, Y4200
(Cinematic soccer game)

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 4: Pro's Rivals", N/A
Tecmo, 1993, Y9700
(Cinematic soccer game?)

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 5", "Boy's Soccer Team 5"
Tecmo, 1994, Y9980
(Action/Cinematic soccer game)

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa J: The Way to World Yourh", N/A
Bandai, 1995, Y???

Gameboy, "Captain Tsubasa J: Zengoku Seiha he no Chousen", N/A
Bandai, 1995, Y???
(Action/Cinematic Soccer Game)

Playstation, "Captain Tsubasa J: All Japan New Generation", N/A
???, Y5800

Playstation, "Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00310, 5/3/96, Y5800
(3D Action/Cinematic Soccer Game)

Nelvana now owns the rights to show this show on TV and is shopping it

Playstation/Pocketstation, "Animetic Story Game 1 Card Captor Sakura",
Akira, SLPS 01830~1, 8/5/99, Y6300
(Adventure Game)

Playstation/Pocketstation, "Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Magic", N/A
Akira, 1/27/00, Y4800 (7980 limited)
(Card game)

Wonder Swan, "Cardcaptor Sakura ~Sakura to fushigi na clow card~", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN01A, 12/2/99, Y3800
("Growth RPG")

(An obscure Japanese manga that you probably don't care about.)

Playstation, "Chess Player of the Moon (Gekka no kishi ~Ouryuusen~)",
Banpresto, SLPS 00421, 9/13/96, Y5800
(Japanese chess)

Saturn, "Chess Player of the Moon (Gekka no kishi ~Ouryuusen~)", N/A
Banpresto, 11/22/96, Y5800
(Japanese chess)

Super Famicom, "Chibi Marukochan Harikiri 365 Days", N/A
Epoch, 12/13/91, Y8800
(Board Game)

PC Engine, "Chibi Marukochan Quiz de Pihyara", N/A
Namco, 1/10/92, Y6800

Mega Drive, "Chibi Marukochan Wakuwaku Shopping, N/A
Namco, 1/14/92, Y6000

Super Famicom, "Chibi Marukochan: Mizase! Minami no Island!", N/A
Konami, 1995, Y???
(Contains several mini-games)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan", N/A
Takara, Y3400
(Role-Playing Game)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan 2", N/A
Takara, Y3800
(Adventure Game)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan 3", N/A
Takara, Y3800
(Miscellaneous; contains 11 mini-games)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan 4", N/A
Takara, Y3800
(Miscellaneous; contains 9 mini-games)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan DX", N/A
Takara, Y3900
(Adventure Game)

Neo-Geo, "Chibi Marukochan Quiz", N/A
(Quiz Game)

Playstation, "Chibi Marukochan Marukochan Enikki World", N/A
Takara, SLPS 00166, 12/22/95, Y4800
(Adventure Game)

Saturn, "Chibi Marukochan no Taisen Pazuru Dama", N/A
Konami, 12/15/95, Y5800
(Puzzle Game)

PC Engine, "City Hunter", N/A
SunSoft SS90001, 3/2/90, Y6300
(Action Game)

PC Engine CD, "Cobra Koku Ryu O no Densetsu", N/A
Hudson, 3/31/89, Y5980
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine CD, "Cobra II Densetsu no Otoko", N/A
Hudson, 6/7/91, Y6500
(Adventure Game)

Sega CD, ???, "The Space Adventure"
Hudson, $20
(Adventure Game)
This is a port of the first PC Engine game. I have no idea if there is
a Japanese Mega CD version of this (it probably doesn't matter). It's
one of the last Sega CD games, and apparently never was released at a
price higher than $20.

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: The Shooting", N/A
Takara, SLPS 00312, 11/22/96, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: The Psychogun volume 1", N/A
Sony, SCPS 19001, 1/22/98, Y2000
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: The Psychogun volume 2", N/A
Sony, SCPS 19002, 1/22/98, Y2000
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: Galaxy Nights", N/A
Sony, SCPS 19005, 2/18/99, Y2000
(Digitial Comic)

Playstation, "Cowboy Bebop", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01126, 5/14/98, Y5800
(3d Shooting Game)

There is a Hawaiian subtitle of the series airing in areas with large
Japanese-American populations.

Super Famicom, "Crayon Shin-chan [kanji]", N/A
Bandai, 8/30/93, Y9500

Mega Drive, "Crayon Shin-chan", N/A
Bandai, Y???

Gameboy, "Crayon Shin-chan ~Ora to Shiro wa Otomodachi da yo", N/A
Bandai, 1993, Y???
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Crayon Shin-chan 4: Ora Noitazura Daihenshin", N/A
Bandai, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Crayon Shin-chan 2: Daimaou no Gyakushuu", N/A
Bandai, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Sufami Turbo, "Crayon Shin-chan Nagagutsu Dobon!", N/A
Bandai, 1996, Y???
(Action Game)

Arcade, "Quiz Crayon Shin-chan", N/A
Taito, 1994
(Quiz Game)

PC-FX, "Cutey Honey FX", N/A
Data West/NEC Home Electronics, 11/10/95, Y8800
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine CD, "Cyber City Oedo 808 Kemono no Zokusei", N/A
Masaya, 3/15/91, Y6500

Super Famicom, "Cyber Formula", "Cyber Spin"
Takara, Y???

Gameboy, "Cyber Formula", N/A
Varie/Takara, 1992, Y???

Playstation, "Future GPX Cyber Formula", N/A
Vap, SLPS 01958~9, 3/18/99, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

CYBER NINJA (see Mirai Ninja)

There was a Hawaiian subtitle of this series airing in areas with large
Japanese-American populations. (I've seen an episode; the subtitles
were really bad.)

Mega CD, "Cyborg 009", N/A
Nihon Telenet, Y7800
(Action Game)
I got a warning by email telling me this game sucks. :-)

Super Famicom, "Cyborg 009", N/A
Bec, 1994, Y8800
(Action Game)
I've gotten mixed comments on whether the game is good or bad.

PC Engine, "Daichi-kun Crisis", N/A

DAIUNDOUKAI (BATTLE ATHLETESS, "Battle Athletes" in the US; one of the
translators really should have figured out that "-ess" means something, and
not deleted it.)
Saturn, "Daiundoukai Battle Athletess", N/A
Increment P Corp., T-24601G, Y???
Technically, the game came first for this one, but it doesn't seem like
typical game-based anime and they were probably both planned at the
same time.

Playstation, "Daiundoukai Battle Athletess Alternative", N/A
IPC/AIC, Y5800

Playstation, "Battle Athletess Daiundokai GTO", N/A
Increment P. Corp., SLPS 01548, 1/14/99, Y5800
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Detective Conan", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01690, 11/19/98, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91170, 11/18/99, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Adventure Game)

Wonder Swan, "Detective Conan Majutsushi no chousenjo!", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN020, 8/5/99, Y3600
(Adventure Game)

Mega CD, "Detonator Orgun", N/A
Hot-B, 7/31/92, Y7800
(Adventure Game)

Mega CD, "Devastator", N/A
Nihon Telenet/Wolf Team, Y???
(Shooting Game)

[The games and anime were apparently planned at the same time.]

Mega Drive, "Devil Hunter Yoko (the seven bells)", N/A
NCS, 3/22/91, Y6500
(Action Game)
Not locked out.

PC Engine CD, "Devil Hunter Yoko Makai kara no Tenkosei", N/A
Masaya, 3/13/92, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Devil Hunter Yoko [kanji]", N/A
Masaya, 1/8/93, Y7200
(Adventure Game)

Famicom, "Devilman", N/A
Namco, Y???

Famicom Disk System, "Dirty Pair" (?), N/A

Famicom, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Sunsoft, 3/28/92, Y6500
(Dodgeball game)

Famicom, "Dodge Danpei 2", N/A
Sunsoft, 3/26/93, Y6800
(Dodgeball game (?))

Super Famicom, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Sunsoft, 7/31/92, Y8500
(Dodgeball game)

Gameboy, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Hudson Soft, 4/24/92, Y4500
(Dodgeball game)

PC Engine, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Hudson, 9/25/92, Y6500
(Dodgeball game)

Gameboy, "Doraemon", N/A
Epoch, Y???

Gameboy, "Doraemon 2: Legend of Animal Planet", N/A
Epoch, Y???

Famicom, "Doraemon", N/A
Hudson, 12/13/86, Y5500
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Doraemon Gigazombie no Gyakushuu (Doraemon Gigazombie's
Counterattack)", N/A
Epoch, 1990, Y6800
(Role-Playing Game)

PC Engine, "Doraemon Maze Strategy", "Crater Maze"
Hudson, 10/31/89, Y4900
(Puzzle Game)

PC Engine, "Doraemon Nobita no Dorabian Night", N/A
Hudson, 12/16/91, Y5800
(Action Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Doraemon Nobita no Dorabian Night", N/A
Hudson, 5/29/92, Y4800
(Action Game)
This is a CD version of the previous game.

Mega Drive, "Doraemon, The Dream Thief and the Seven Gozansu", N/A
Sega, 3/26/93, Y6800
(Action Game)
Locked out.

Super Famicom, "Doraemon Nobita to Yousei no Sekai", N/A
Epic [kanji], 2/19/93, Y8000

Mega CD, "Doraemon, The Dream Thief and the Seven Gozansu", N/A
Sega, Y???
(Action Game)
Why do I list this name in English and the others in Japanese? Good
question. Because I got this info from a magazine in English. I hope
this is actually a different game and not the same as the cartridge
version above.

Game Gear, "Doraemon Nara no Suke no [kanji]", N/A
Sega, 4/29/93, Y3500
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Doraemon 2: Nobita's Toys Land Adventure", N/A
Epoch, Y???

Super Famicom, "Doraemon 3: Nobita and Time's Gem", N/A
Epoch, 1994, Y???
Epoch, 8/98, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Doraemon 4: Nobita and Moon Kingdom", N/A
Epoch, 1995, Y???
Epoch, 8/98, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Doraemon Nobita to Fukkatsu no Hoshi", N/A
Epoch, SLPS 00233, 2/16/96, Y5800
Epoch, SLPS 01726, 12/3/98, Y2800 (rerelease)

Playstation, "Doraemon 2 SOS! Otogi no Kuni", N/A
Epoch, SLPS 00628, 2/21/97, Y5800
Epoch, SLPS 02369, 11/2/99, Y2800
(Action Game)

Nintendo 64, "Doraemon Nobita to 3-tsu no Seireiseki", N/A
Epoch, 3/21/97, Y7980
(Super Mario 64 Clone)

Nintendo 64, "Doraemon 2: Nobita to Hikari no Shinden (Nobita and
Shrine of Light)", N/A
Epoch, 12/11/98, Y6800

PC Engine, "Download", N/A
NEC Avenue, 6/22/90, Y6800
(Shooting Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Download 2", N/A
NEC Avenue, 3/29/91, Y6800
(Shooting Game)
Both the OAV and games are based on a novel named Devil's Circuit.

The show was broadcast dubbed in the US starting Fall 1995, and then
Dragonball Z started in Fall 1996 (skipping 140 episodes). There was a
Hawaiian subtitle which also aired in other areas with large
Japanese-American populations; the subtitles ended with DBZ #104.

Famicom, "Dragonball: The Mystery of Shenlong", "Dragon Power"
Bandai, 11/86, Y???
(Action Game)
The US version is censored and has several renamed characters.

Famicom, "Dragonball: The Resurrection of the Demon King", N/A
Bandai, 8/88, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball: The Story of Goku", N/A
Bandai, 10/89, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Attack of the Saiyajins", N/A
Bandai, 10/90, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z 2: Freeza, the Planet Destroyer" (?), N/A
Bandai, 8/91, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z 3: Hot Battle! The Androids", N/A
Bandai, 8/92, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z: World Fighting Tournament", N/A
Bandai, 12/92, Y???
("Barcode" Fighting Game)

Famicom, "Dragonball Z Side Story: The Plan to Destroy Saiyajins", N/A
Bandai, 8/93, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: The Legendary Supersaiyajin", N/A
Bandai, 1/25/92, Y9500
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Butoden", N/A
Bandai SHVC-Z2, 3/20/93, Y9800
(Fighting Game)
[EGM mistakenly called this "Futoden" and the error has spread. Exists
as a French version titled "Dragonball Z".]

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Butoden 2", N/A
Bandai SHVC-EF, 12/93, Y???
(Fighting Game)
[Exists as a French version titled "Dragonball Z: La Legende Saten".]

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Butoden 3", N/A
Bandai, 9/94, Y???
(Fighting Game)
[Exists as a French version titled "Dragonball Z: Ultime Menace".]

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Goku Den", N/A
Bandai, 3/95, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Son Goku Den 2", N/A
Bandai, 9/95, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension", N/A
Bandai, 3/29/96, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Gameboy, "Dragonball Z: Goku Hishouden", N/A
Bandai, 11/94, Y4800
(Role-Playing Game)
[Omitted listing in Game On! USA #7]

Gameboy, "Dragonball Z: Goku Gekitouden (Encounter with Rivals)", N/A
Bandai, 8/95, Y5800
(Role-Playing Game)

Mega Drive, "Dragonball Z: Bu-Yuu-Retsu-Den", N/A
Bandai, 4/94, Y???
(Fighting Game)
[Exists as a French version titled Dragonball Z: L'Appel Du Destin]

PC Engine SCD, "Dragonball Z: Legend of the Great Son Goku", N/A
Bandai BNCD4001, 11/94, Y???
(Fighting game??)

Playdia, "Dragonball Z: Shin Saiyajin Zetsu Metsu Keikaku (The Real
Plan to Destroy Saiyajins)", N/A
Bandai, 9/94, Y4800
(Interactive animation)

Playdia, "Dragonball Z: Shin Saiyajin Zetsu Metsu Keikaku part 2", N/A
Bandai, 12/94, Y4800
(Interactive animation)

Arcade, "Dragonball Z", N/A
(Fighting Game)

Arcade, "Dragonball Z 2 Super Battle", N/A
(Fighting Game)

Arcade, "Dragonball Z VR VS", N/A
(First-Person Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 22", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00073, 7/28/95, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91017, 12/6/96, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Fighting Game)
There is a European PAL version of this title.

Playstation, "Dragonball Z: The Great Dragonball Legend", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00355, 5/31/96, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91035, 6/27/97, Y2800
(3D Fighting Game)

Saturn, "Dragonball Z: Shin-bu-doh-ten" (Great Fighting Story), N/A
Bandai, 11/15/95, Y6800
(Fighting Game)
[Saturn version of Ultimate Battle 22. Allows all 27 characters
without using a cheat code.]

Saturn, "Dragonball Z: The Great Dragonball Legend", N/A
Bandai, 5/24/96, Y5800
Bandai, 6/20/97, Y2800 (rerelease)
(3D Fighting Game)
[Same as the PSX version]

Playstation, "Dragonball Final Bout", "Dragonball GT Final Bout"
Bandai, SLPS 00949, 8/21/97, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91079, 7/23/98, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Polygon Fighting Game)
A number of reviews say this isn't very good as a game. Pity.

Pippin, "Anime Designer Dragonball Z", N/A
Bandai, 7/18/96, Y5800
(Digital rubber stamp set)

PC Engine SCD (?), "Dragon Half" (?), N/A
Microcabin, Y???
(Board Game)

PC Engine CD, "Efira and Jiliora: The Emblem from Darkness", N/A
Brain Grey, 12/13/91, Y7500
(Role-Playing Game)

Neo-Geo, "Super 8Man", "Super 8Man"
SNK/Pallas, 1991, Y???
(Action Game)

Saturn, "Mysterious World El Hazard" (?), N/A
Pioneer LDC, T-22202G, 8/9/96, Y6900
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Vision of Escaflowne", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01014, 9/25/97, Y7800 (deluxe with tarot card and mook)
Bandai, SLPS 01015, 9/25/97, Y6800

Gameboy, "Fighbird", N/A
Irem, 1991, Y???
(Shooting Game)

Famicom, "Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird", N/A
Irem, 1992, Y???
(Shooting Game)

Super Famicom, "Fortune Quest", N/A
Zamuse, Y???
A board-game-like game. Possibly to have a Playstation version.

Playstation, "Funky Gatsuman", N/A
Reported in Game On! USA as a manga-based game.

FUSHIGI NO UMI NO NADIA (Nadia; Secret of Blue Water)
Famicom, "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia", N/A
Toho, 1991, Y???
(Strategy Game)

Mega Drive, "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia", N/A
Namco, 3/19/91, Y6500
(Role-Playing Game)
Not locked out.

PC Engine SCD, "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia", N/A
Hudson, 1/29/93, Y6800
(Digital Comic)

PC Engine, "Future Boy Conan", N/A
Nihon Telnet, 2/28/92, Y7200
(Action Game, with enough Japanese voice and text to be annoying if you
don't understand it, though you don't really _need_ to know it.)

There is a Hawaiian subtitle of the entire series which may possibly
have been aired in other areas with large Japanese-American

Arcade, ???, "Galaxy 999"
Laserdisc game. I don't know if it existed in Japan.

Arcade, ???, "Freedom Fighter"

CD-I, ???, "Escape from Cyber City"
Fathom Pictures, ???, Y???
Same as the Freedom Fighter arcade game

Mega CD, "Galaxy Express 999", N/A
Nihon Telenet, Y???

Famicom Disk System, "Gall Force" (?), N/A

Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon 2", N/A

Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon Gaiden", N/A

Famicom, "Goemon: Karakuri Douchuu, N/A
Konami, 1986, Y???

Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2", N/A
Konami (?), 1992 (?), Y???

Super Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon", "Legend of the Mystical Ninja"
Konami, Y???
(Action/RPG Game)
Goemon is renamed to "Mr. Ying" and Ebisumaru to "Dr. Yang" in the US

Super Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon 2", N/A
Konami, 1993, Y???
(Action/RPG Game)

Super Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon 3", N/A
Konami, 7/9/91, Y8800
Konami, 1994, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action/RPG Game)

Super Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon ~Kirakira Douchuu~: Boku ga Dancer ni"
(#4), N/A
Konami, Y???
Konami, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action Game/minigames)

Super Famicom, "Ganbare Goemon: Soreyuke Ebisumaru ~Karakuri meiro~",
Konami, 1996, Y???
Konami, ????, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Puzzle Game)

Playstation, "Ganbare Goemon Uchuukaizoku Akogingu", N/A
Konami, SLPS 00217, 3/22/96, Y5800
Konami, VX011-J2(SLPM 86030), 3/20/97, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Action Game)

Nintendo 64, "Ganbare Goemon ~Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori~'" (Neo
Peach Mountain Shogunate's dance), "Mystical Ninja -- Starring
Konami, RZ005-J1, 8/7/97 (4/17/98 US), Y8900
(3D Action/RPG)

Super Famicom, "Gokujyou Parodius (Ultimate Parodius)", N/A
Konami, 1994, Y???
Konami, 1995 (?), Y1000 (rerelease)
(Shooting Game)
Based on the arcade version, but Goemon and Ebisumaru are playable
characters. (A previous version of the FAQ listed all Ultimate
Parodius games here; I've since been corrected.)

Gameboy, "Ganbare Goemon ~Kurofunetou no nazo~" (Mystery of Black Ship
Party)", "Mystical Ninja -- Starring Goemon"
Konami, RK139, 12/4/97 (4/98 US), Y3980

Gameboy, "Ganbare Goemon Sarawareta Ebisumaru", N/A
Konami, 12/22/91, Y3689

Playstation, "Konami Antiques MSX Collection Volume 3", N/A
Konami, VX122-J1(SLPM 86072), 3/19/98, Y4800
(Collection of MSX games including Parodius)

Famicom, "Konami Wai Wai World", N/A
Konami, 1988, Y???
(Shooting Game)
Goemon and Ebisumaru appear as characters.

Famicom, "Konami Wai Wai World 2 SOS!! Parsley jyou", N/A
Konami, Y???
(Action Game)
Goemon and Ebisumaru appear as characters.

Saturn, "Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack", N/A
Konami, VS120-J1, 7/23/98, Y3800
(Collection of MSX games including Parodius)

Playstation, "Ganbare Goemon ~Kurunarakoi! Ayashigeikka no kuroikage~",
Konami, VX085-J1(SLPM 86155), 12/23/98, Y5800
(3D Action Game)

Nintendo 64, "Ganbare Goemon ~Dero Dero Douchuu Obake tenko mori~",
"Goemon's Great Adventure"
Konami, RZ021, 12/23/98, Y7800
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Ganbare Goemon ~Tengutou no Gyakushuu~", N/A
KCEJ/Konami, RK182, 1/14/99, Y4300
(Role-Playing Game)

N64, "Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku", N/A
KCE Kobe/Konami, 12/25/99, Y7800
(Card battler/board game)

Gameboy Color, "Ganbare Goemon ~Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase
nabe(?)bugyou!~", N/A
KCE Kobe/Konami, 12/16/99, Y4500
(RPG (?))

Playstation, "King of Braves Gaogaigar BLOCKADED NUMBERS", N/A
Takara, SLPS 01980, 4/8/99, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

Famicom, "Gegege no Kitarou", "Ninja Kid"
Bandai, Y4900
(Action Game)
Graphics changed for the US version.

Famicom, "Gegege no Kitarou 2", N/A
Bandai, Y5500
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Gegege no Kitarou", N/A
Bandai, 2/5/93, Y8800
(Action Game)

Sufami Turbo, "Gegege no Kitarou", N/A
Bandai, 1996, Y???

Saturn, "Gegege no Kitarou Gendoukaikitan", N/A
Bandai, T-13310G, 12/27/96, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Gegege no Kitarou", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00644, 1/24/97, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine, "Genji Tsuushin Agedama", N/A
NEC Home Electronics, 12/13/91, Y5800

Playstation, "Getter Robot the Big Battle!", N/A
Bandai Visual, SLPS 02232, 9/9/99, Y6800
(Strategy Game)

Playstation, "[kanji] Ghost in the Shell", "Ghost in the Shell"
Sony, SLPS 10043, 7/17/97, Y5800
(3D Shooter)

PC Engine SCD, "Ghost Sweeper Mikami", N/A
Banpresto, Y8800
(Adventure Game)

Super Famicom, "Ghost Sweeper Mikami" (?), N/A
???, 1993, Y???

Gameboy, "Go Go Ackman", N/A
Banpresto, 1995, Y???
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Go Go Ackman", N/A
Banpresto, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)
Based on a manga.

Super Famicom, "Go Go Ackman 2", N/A
Banpresto, 1995, Y???

Super Famicom, "Go Go Ackman 3", N/A
Banpresto, 1995, Y???
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Golgo 13" (?), "Golgo 13"
Vic Tokai, Y5700
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Golgo 13: Riddle of Icarus", "Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy"
Vic Tokai, ???, Y???
(Action Game)

SG-1000, "Golgo 13" (?), N/A

Playstation, "Golgo 13 Kaarairu(?) no Yabou", N/A
Daiki, SLPS 01712, 11/26/98, Y2600
(Digital Comic)
Supposedly has a bilingual English/Japanese option.

Playstation, "Golgo 13 Mienai Guntai", N/A
Daiki, SLPS 01713, 11/26/98, Y2600
(Digital Comic)
Supposedly has a bilingual English/Japanese option.

Super Famicom, "Gon", N/A
Bandai, Y???

Playstation, "Tekken 3", "Tekken 3"
Namco, 3/26/98, Y5800
(3D fighting game. Duuuuh.)
[Gon is a hidden character in the home version, in either country. The
easiest way to get to play him is to enter your initials as "GON".]

Supergrafx, "Mado-ou Grandzort", N/A
Sunrise-R-NAS-NTV, HC90029, 4/6/90, Y6500
(I have conflicting information; I've also been told that this is a
sequel to the first PC Engine Wataru game.)

GUDE CREST (See Efira and Jiliora)

PC Engine SCD, "Gulliver Boy", N/A
Hudson, 5/26/95, Y7800
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Gulliver Boy", N/A
Bandai, Y???

Saturn, "Gulliver Boy", N/A
Hudson, T-14303G, 3/22/95, Y6800
(Roleplaying, same game as the PCE one)

Famicom Disk System, "SD Gundam Gachapan Senshi" (?), N/A
Yutaka, Y???
(Simulation Game)

Famicom, "SD Gundam Gachapan Senshi 2: Capsule Senki", N/A
Yutaka, Y???
(Simulation Game)

Famicom, "SD Gundam Gachapan Senshi 3: Eiyu Senki", N/A
Yutaka, Y???
(Simulation Game)

Famicom, "SD Gundam Gachapan Senshi 4: Newtype Story", N/A
Yutaka, Y???
(Simulation Game)

Famicom, "SD Gundam Gachapan Senshi 5: Battle of Universal Century",
Yutaka, 12/22/??, Y6800
(Simulation Game)

Famicom, "Z Gundam Hot Scramble" (?), N/A
Bandai, Y???
(Shooting Game)

Gameboy, "Gundam Arms: Operation Gundam", N/A
Bandai, 5/18/91, Y3500
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "SD Gundam Kunitori", N/A

Gameboy, "Shin SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Story", N/A
Bandai, 1994, Y???

Gameboy, "Knight Gundam" (?), N/A
[Is this the same as the above game?]

Gameboy, "Knight Gundam 2" (?), N/A

Gameboy, "SD Gundam" (?), N/A
(Roleplaying Game [?])

Gameboy, "SD Gundam Sengokuden 2", N/A

Game Gear, "SD Gundam Winner's History", N/A
Bandai, 1995, Y???
(Strategy Game)

Famicom Disk System, "SD Gundam World", N/A
Bandai, Y3300
May or may not be the same as Gatchapon 1.

Famicom Disk System, "SD Gundam World Map Collection", N/A
Bandai, Y500
Apparently for use with the above game; not a game on its own

Super Famicom, "Kido Senshi Gundam F91: Formula Senki 0122", N/A
Bandai, 7/6/91, Y9500

Super Famicom, "Knight Gundam", N/A
Angel/Bandai, Y???
(Simulation Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam [kanji] Knight Gundam [kanji]", N/A
Angel, 12/21/91, Y9500
[Is this a duplicate entry?]

Famicom, "SD Gundam Gundam Wars", N/A
Bandai, Y2800
(Simulation Game)
May or may not be the same as Gatchapon 1.

Super Famicom, "Super Gatchapon World SD Gundam X", N/A
Yutaka, Y8500
(Simulation Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam X", N/A
Yutaka, 9/18/92, Y9500
May or may not be the same as the above., Y???

Super Famicom, "Super Gatchapon World SD Gundam X 2", N/A
Yutaka, Y???
(Simulation Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam Gaiden 2: Entaku no Kishi (SD Gundam Side
Story 2: Knights of the Round Table)", N/A
Yutaka, 12/18/92, Y9500

Arcade, "Gundam Psycho Salamander" (?), N/A
(Action Game)
[And what about the home version of this?]

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam Psycho Salamander 2", N/A
Angel, Y8800
(Action Game)

Arcade, "SD Gundam" (?), N/A
(Shooting Game)

Super Famicom, "Z Gundam: Away to the Newtype", N/A
Bandai, 1996, Y???
(Strategic action game)

Super Famicom, "V Gundam" (?), N/A
Bandai, Y9800
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "SD [kanji] Gundam V [kanji]", N/A
Angel, 9/12/92, Y7800

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam Gatchapon X", N/A
Bandai, Y9800
(Simulation Game)

Arcade, "Gundam Ex Revue", B/A
(Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "G Gundam", N/A
Bandai, Y9800
(Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "Mobile Warrior Gundam" (?), N/A
Bandai, Y9800
(Simulation Game)

Sufami Turbo, "SD Gundam Generations", N/A
Bandai, Y???
(Seems to be a series of six different games, none of whose titles I
can translate)

Playdia, "SD Gundam 10 Years Memory 1985-1994", N/A
Bandai, Y???
(CD-ROM based Gundam encyclopedia)

Super Famicom, "Super Gatchapon SD Gundam Gnext", N/A
Bandai, 6/23/95, Y12800
(Strategy Game)

Super Famicom, "Super Gatchapon SD Gundam Gnext Expansion Cart 1", N/A
Bandai, Y2800
For use with the previous game.
(Strategy Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00035, 6/23/95, Y6800
Bandai, SLPS 91011, 11/22/96, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Shooting Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Version 2.0", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00280, 3/29/96, Y6800
Bandai, SLPS 91048, 3/19/98, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Shooting Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Version 2.0 Limited Edition", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00281, 3/29/96, Y9800
(Shooting Game)

Playstation, "SD Gundam Over Galaxian", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00385, 6/28/96, Y4800
(Vertical shooter (!))

Pippin, "Gundam 0079: The War for Earth", N/A
Presto Studios, /Bandai/Sunrise, Y???

Playstation, "Gundam 0079: The War for Earth", N/A
Presto Studios/Bandai/Sunrise, SLPS 00815~6, 5/2/97, Y7800
Presto Studios/Bandai/Sunrise, SLPS 45045~6, Y???
(Strategy/Action Game)
Was originally going to be released December 1996. Finally available
in 1997 in Japan; the US Playstation release has been cancelled. You
can order the PC or Mac version from Bandai.

Playstation, "New SD Feudal Legend (Shin SD Sengokuden
Kidoumushataisen)", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00576, 12/20/96, Y6800 (limited edition, with model)
Bandai, SLPS 00655, 12/20/96, Y5800
(Strategy Game)

Super Famicom, "Gundam Wing: Endless Duel", N/A
Bandai, 3/29/96, Y7500
(Fighting Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam", N/A
Bandai, 12/22/95, Y6800
Bandai, 11/20/97, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Perfect One Year War", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00920, 7/31/97, Y6800
(Strategy/Action Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Senritsu no Blue", N/A
Bandai, 9/20/96, Y4800
(3D Shooting Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story II: Ao O Uketsugu Mono", N/A
Bandai, 12/6/96, Y4800
(3D Shooting Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story III: Sai Kareshi Sha", N/A
Bandai T13312-G, 3/8/97, Y4800
(3D Shooting Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story The Blue Distiney [sic]", N/A
Bandai, 8/29/97, Y14400
(Shooting Game; collects the above three games, plus Optional Guide)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Z Gundam Zenhen: Zeta no Kodou", N/A
Bandai, T-13315G, 4/25/97, Y6800
(Shooting Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Z Gundam Kouhen: Uchuu o Kakeru", N/A
Bandai, 9/25/97, Y6800
(Shooting Game)

Playstation, "SD Gundam G Century", N/A
Bandai SLPS 00785, 3/20/97, Y6800
Bandai SLPS 91065, 6/25/98, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Action/Strategy Game)

Playstation, "Gundam: The Battle Master", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00883, 6/20/97, Y6800
(2D Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Gundam: The Battle Master 2", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01286, 3/12/98, Y6800
(2D Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam Power Formation Puzzle", N/A
Bandai, 1/26/96, Y7500
(Puzzle Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam GNext Unit & Map Collection", N/A
Bandai, 3/29/96, Y3800
(Strategy Game)

Gameboy, "SD Sengokuden", N/A
Bandai, 3/24/90, Y3500
(Simulation Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam: V Sakusen Shidou", N/A
Angel, 1992, Y???
(Shooting Game)

Super Famicom, "SD Gundam 2", N/A
Angel, 1993, Y???
(Shooting Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit SD Gundam", N/A
Bandai, 12/11/97, Y7800
(3D Shooting Game)

Saturn, "SD Gundam G Century S", N/A
Bandai, 2/11/98, Y6800
(Action/Strategy Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam: Ghiren's Greed", N/A
Bandai, T-13327G, 4/9/98, Y???
Bandai, 4/9/98, Y6800
(Strategy Game)

Saturn, "Mobile Suit Gundam Ghiren's Greed Data Disc", N/A
Bandai, T-13333G, 10/8/98, Y2800
(walkthrough for the strategy game)

Playstation, "SD Gundam GGeneration", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01560~1, 8/6/98, Y6800
Bandai, SLPS 91133, 5/4/99, Y2800
(Strategy Game)
There is a special edition with a poster.

Virtual Boy, "SD Gundam Dimension War", N/A
Bandai, VUE-VSDJ-JPN, 12/22/95, Y5800

Arcade, "SD Gundam Neo Battling", N/A
Banpresto, 1993

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01142~3, 12/11/97, Y7800
(Shooting Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01724, 12/17/98, Y6800
(3D Action Game)
There is a special edition with a T-shirt.

Wonder Swan, "SD Gundam Emotional Jam", N/A
Banpresto, SWJ-BAN006, 5/27/99, Y3800
(Strategy Game)

Wonder Swan, "Mobile Suit Gundam MSVS", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN015, 8/26/99, Y3800
(Real-time Strategy)

Wonder Swan, "SD Gundam Gashapon senki Episode One", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN020, Y3200

Playstation, "SD Gundam G Generation-0", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02200~2, 8/12/99, Y6800
(Strategy Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Ghiren's Greed ~Zion no Keifu~", N/A
Bandai, Winter 1999, Y6800
(Strategy Game)

Dreamcast, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Colony 0079 Rise from the
Ashes", N/A
Bandai, T-13302M, 8/26/99, Y6800
Bandai, T-13301M, 8/26/99, Y6800 (limited edition)
(3D Shooting Game)

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Colony 0079 Rise from the
Ashes", N/A
Bandai, Y???
(3D Shooting Game)
Port of the Dreamcast game.

Playstation, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Colony 0079 Rise from the
Ashes Premium Disc", N/A
Bandai, N/A
(3D Shooting Game)
Port of the Dreamcast game.

Playstation, "SD Gundam" (?), N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02200~2, 8/12/99, Y6980
(Strategy Game)

Dreamcast, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079 Rise From The Ashes",
Bandai, T-13301M, 8/26/99, Y???
Bandai, T-13302M, 8/26/99, Y6800
(3D Shooting Game)

Pippin, "Mobile Suit Gundam Zion Military-File", N/A

Famicom, "Gunhed", N/A
(Strategy Game?)

PC Engine, "Gunhed", "Blazing Lasers"
Hudson, 7/7/89, Y5800
(Shooting Game)
Apparently Gunhed for the PCE _was_ based on the Gunhed series. I saw
a screenshot of the Japanese version and it uses the Gunhed logo. I
still don't quite understand this, since the plots seem nothing alike.

GUNNM (Battle Angel)
Playstation, "Gunnm: Kasei no Kioku (Martian Memory)", N/A
Banpresto, SLPS 01408, 8/27/98, Y6800
(Role-Playing Game)
[Game On! USA, by Viz, listed this as "Battle Angel Alita" which, of
course, is the name Viz used for the manga but is not actually the game

Saturn, "Shichiseitoushin Guyferd Crown kaimetsu sakusen", N/A
Capcom, T-1242G, 11/19/98, Y???
(Adventure Game)

Saturn, "Hakaider", N/A
Sega, Y???
(Gun game--based on a live action series)

Playstation, "Harlem Beat ~You're The One~", N/A
Konami, VX140-J1(SLPM 86329), 10/28/99, Y5800

Arcade, ???, "Bega's Battle"
(Laserdisc game. I don't know if it existed in Japan.)

Playstation, "Hell Teacher Nube", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00802, 5/16/97, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Mega CD, "The Heroic Legend of Arslan", N/A

Famicom, "Hi no Tori Hououhen Gaou no Bouken (Hi no Tori Phoenix
chapter Gaou's adventure)", N/A
Konami, Y5300
(Action Game)

HOKUTO NO KEN (Fist of the North Star)
This show exists as a Hawaiian subtitle.

Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken", N/A
Toei Animation/Shouei System, 1986, Y???
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken 2", "Fist of the North Star"
Toei Animation/Shouei System, 1987, Y???
(Action Game)
US version by Taxan USA.

Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken 3", N/A
Toei Animation/Shouei System, 1989, Y???
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken 4" (?), N/A
Toei Animation/Shouei System, 1991, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken 5 Tenmaryuuseiden Ai*Zetsushou", N/A
Toei Douga, Y8900
(Role-Playing Game)

Gameboy, "Hokuto no Ken", "Fist of the North Star - 10 Big Brawls for
the King of Universe"

SG-1000, "Hokuto no Ken", "Black Belt"

Mega Drive, "Hokuto no Ken [kanji]", "Last Battle"
Sega, 7/1/98, Y6000
(Action Game)
Neither version is locked out, but the US version has renamed
characters and was changed to remove the blood. A language switch has
no effect.

Super Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken I", N/A
Toei Douga ACT, Y???

Super Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken 6 Gekitou denshou ken ~ Haou he no dou",
Toei, Y???
(Fighting Game)
This has gotten some really bad reviews.

Super Famicom, "Hokuto no Ken 7 Seiken retsuden Denshousha he no dou",
Toei, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Saturn, "Hokuto no Ken" (?), N/A
Banpresto, 12/22/95, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Hokuto no Ken", N/A
Banpresto, SLPS 00369, 8/30/96, Y5800
(Cinematic Fighter)
[Is this the game which is the same as the Saturn one?]

IRIA (see Zeiram)

Gameboy, "Iron League", N/A
Bandai, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Jankenman", N/A
NCS, Y???

Famicom, "Jesus: Dreadful Bio-Monsters", N/A
King Records, Y5900
(I never heard of this anime. What is it anyway? The game does seem
to be real, though. As one site describes it, "Sadly, this isn't the
same Jesus as the Messiah we've all come to know and love".)

JOJO NO KIMYUU NA BOUKEN (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Super Famicom, "JoJo no Kimyuu na Bouken", N/A
Cobra Team, Y9500
(Role-Playing Game)

Arcade, "Jojo's Venture", N/A
Capcom, 12/98
(Fighting Game)

Playstation/Pocketstation, "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", "Jojo's Venture"
Capcom, SLPS 02236, 10/14/99, Y???
(Fighting Game)
Port of the arcade game.

Dreamcast, "Jojo's Venture", "Jojo's Venture"
Capcom, T-1205M, 11/25/99, Y5800
(Fighting Game)
Port of the arcade game.

Arcade, "Jojo's Venture part 2 (?)", N/A
Capcom, 9/28/99
(3D Fighting)

KAMEN RIDER (Masked Rider)
Note: The US Masked Rider series used very little Japanese footage.
These games are all based on the Japanese version.

Famicom Disk System, "Kamen Rider Black", N/A
Bandai, Y???
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Kamen Rider Club", N/A
[Did they really make this?], Y???

Famicom Disk System, "SD Kamen Rider Club", N/A
Bandai, Y???

Mega CD, "Kamen Rider Zo", "The Masked Rider--Kamen Rider Zo"
Toei Video, Y???
(Full motion video game, based on a Kamen Rider movie)
This is one of the last games I'd expect a US port of. Somehow, they
did it anyway.

Gameboy, "Kamen Rider SD: Hashire! Mighty Riders", N/A
Yutaka, 1993, Y???
(Racing Game)

Super Famicom, "Kamen Rider SD: Shutsugeki!! Rider Machine", N/A
Yutaka, Y???
(Racing Game)

Super Famicom, "Kamen Rider SD", N/A
Toei, Y???
(Action Game)
[Is this the same as the previous game?]

Famicom, "Kamen Rider SD: Clan Shocker's Ambition", N/A
???, 1/93, Y8500
(Role-Playing Game)

Playstation, "Kamen Rider", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01570, 10/1/98, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91139, 6/3/99, Y2800
(3D Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "Karate Club", N/A
Culture Brain, Y9800
(Fighting Game)
Electronics Gaming Monthly reported this is a manga-based game.

Playstation, "The King of Fighters Kyo", N/A
SNK/Dream Factory, 8/27/98, Y5800
SNK/Dream Factory, SLPM 86314, 9/9/99, Y2800
(Adventure game based on a manga based on a game.)

Gameboy, "Kingyo Chuuiho!", N/A
Yutaka, Y???

Super Famicom, "Kingyo Chuuiho! Tobidase! Game Gakuen", N/A
Jaleco, SHVC-J7, 2/18/94, Y9800

Famicom, "Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match", "Muscles"
Bandai, 1985, Y???
(Wrestling game)

Famicom, "Kinnikuman Kinnikusei Oui Soudatsusen", N/A
Bandai, Y???

Gameboy, "Kinnikuman: Zadorimu Match", N/A
Yutaka, 1992, Y???

Super Famicom, "Kinniukuman: Dirty Challenger", N/A
Yutaka, 1992, Y???
(Wrestling Game)

PC Engine SCD, "KO Century Beast" (?), N/A
Pack In Video, Y8800
(Role-Playing Game)

KUJAKU-OU (Peacock King)
Famicom, "Kujako-Ou" (?), N/A
Pony Canyon, 1988, Y???

Famicom, "Kujako-Ou 2" (?), N/A
Pony Canyon, Y???

SG-1000, "Kujaku-Ou" (?), "Spell Caster"
(Based on the first Kujaku movie?)

Mega Drive, "Kujaku-Ou 2", "Mystic Defender"
Sega, 11/25/89, Y6000
(Action Game)
Not locked out, but the difference between the Japanese and American
versions is country-selectable, so you'll probably want a language
switch or adaptor anyway. (Based on the second Kujaku movie?)

Famicom, "Kyatto Ninden Tyandee", N/A
Tecmo, 1991, Y???
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" (?), N/A
Kemco, Y5900

Super Famicom, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" (?), N/A
Tokuma Shoten, Y???
(Strategy Game)

Saturn, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes", N/A
Tokuma Shoten, 12/6/96, Y5800
(Strategy Game)

Saturn, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Plus", N/A
Tokuma Shoten, 10/23/97, Y5800
(Strategy Game)

Playstation, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes", N/A
Tokuma Shoten, SLPS 01358, Y5800
(Strategy Game)

Playstation, "Chibi-Chara Game Gingaeiyudensetsu", N/A
Tokuma Shoten, SLPS 02025~6, 5/27/99, Y5800 (limited edition with
Tokuma Shoten, SLPS 02027, 5/27/99, Y5800
(Board Game)

Playstation, "ClickManga/Legend of the Galactic Heroes 1", N/A
Tokuma Shoten, SLPS 02128, 9/30/99, Y1800
(Digital Comic)

Playstation, "ClickManga/Legend of the Galactic Heroes 2", N/A
Tokuma Shoten, SLPS 02353, 11/18/99, Y1800
(Digital Comic)

Playstation, "Bakusou kyoudai Let's & Go!! Hyper Heat", N/A
Jaleco, SLPS 01078, 11/20/97, Y5800
Jaleco, SLPS 91091, 9/24/98, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Racing Game)

Playstation, "Bakusou kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings", N/A
Jaleco, SLPS 01489, 7/30/98, Y5800
Jaleco, SLPS 02093, 7/1/99, Y2800
(Racing Game)

Super Famicom, "Mini yonku Let's & Go!! Power WGP 2", N/A
Nintendo, 050741, 10/1/98, Y2500
Nintendo, ???, 12/4/98, Y3800

Gameboy, "Mini yonku GB Let's & Go!!", N/A
ASCII Corp., 5/23/97, Y4900

Gameboy Color, "Mini yonku GB Let's & Go!! All Star battle MAX", N/A
ASCII Corp., 6/19/98, Y4800

Playstationb, "Bakusou Kyoudai Let's and Go!! Eternal WingS", N/A
Jaleco, 7/1/99, Y2800
(Racing Game)

PC Engine CD, "Record of Lodoss War" (?), N/A
Hudson Soft, 7/17/92, Y7200
(Role-Playing Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Record of Lodoss War II" (?), N/A
Hudson Soft, 12/16/94, Y7800
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Record of Lodoss War" (?), N/A
Bec, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Arcade, "Lupin III", "N/A (?)"
Taito, 1980
(Action Game)
This is an odd game from the pre-Nintendo era. It doesn't have a whole
lot do do with Lupin except that you're a thief.

Arcade, N/A, "Cliffhanger"
(This laser disk game was made using footage from Castle of Cagliostro,
plus a bit from Mystery of Mamo.)

Gameboy, "SD Lupin III Kinko Yaburi Daisakusen", N/A
Banpresto, Y???
(Puzzle Game)

Famicom, "Lupin III" (?), N/A
Namcot, Y???

Playstation, "Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro", N/A
Asmik Ace, SLPS 00535~7, 1997, Y6800
Asmik Ace, SLPS 91060~2, 5/28/98, Y2800 (rerelease)


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