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08.10.2000 00:28
Jap. Bildungsministerium erkennt Manga & Anime als eigenständige Kunstform an
Newsmeldung von  animexx auf Animexx.de
Laut dem aktuellen Newsletter von Animaxis (http://www.animaxis.com/) hat das japanische Bildungsministerium in seinem aktuellen Jahresbericht Manga & Anime als eigenständige Kunstform anerkannt und deren Bedeutung sogar ausdrücklich betont.
Das dürfte der endgültige "Ritterschlag" für Manga & Anime in Japan sein.

Hier der genaue Wortlaut der News (auf englisch):
4. Education White Paper ranks Anime and Manga as "Art"
* Region: Japan
* Category: Anime

The content of the Japanese government's Educational White Paper for the year 2000 was recently made public. Within the White
Paper's featured cultural themes, animation and manga have been ranked as a field of "Art" and given high praise. This is because the Ministry of Education have now recognized the fact that anime and manga are among the most important forms of artistic expression in the modern Japanese cultural environment.
Especially in the case of animation, the White Paper remarks that: "they are highly recognized and popular abroad, and many anime created in Japan have spread in renown overseas." In addition, anime is particularly commended as "Japanese animations are a unique form of expression and have a minute attention-to-detail, due to the craftsmen-like talents of the animators."
In addition, manga have now become highly regarded in general in Japan; the city of Hiroshima, for example, recently opened a manga-only library. This year also saw the introduction of a Manga study curriculum at Kyoto Seika University.

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