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King_of_Sharks   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 06.11.2020 10:49

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Berry is an incredibly nice and selfless guy.
He got adopted into a loving home when he was just a baby. Despite his adoptive parents treating him as their own child, as well as all of his other adoptive siblings, he sometimes feels just lost and all alone in the world.

In school, Berry was very popular due to his friendliness and always trying to help everyone. Unfortunately, he never let anyone actually get close to him, and instead kept them at a distance with his wall of niceness. Only his first boyfriend managed to get through that.

In university, Berry had a few girlfriends and another boyfriend, but they all cheated on him, which caused him to have deep doubts about himself. Questioning if he even wanted to try to open up and be vulnerable again, he decided against having another relationship again.

This plan was destroyed when he was transferred to Japan and met Iori at work. Immediately fascinated by this beautiful being, Berry couldn’t help but want to get to know him. After Iori told him about his struggles, and asexuality, he was actually relieved. Not having to fear getting cheated on again, and also feeling understood, Berry finally opened up to someone for real.

Him and Iori share a lot more than they both had initially thought. Although Iori has a family, he shares Berry’s feelings of abandonment, isolation, and not having a place that feels like home. When they moved in together, they both experienced for the first time what it feels like to belong somewhere; being each other’s “homes”.

Through Iori and Mizuki, Berry got to meet and know Akaya, who became his best friend. They hang out a lot at each other’s homes, and babysit their respective children together. Both of them are caring, loving dads, who also share a habit of carrying their children on their shoulders – mainly Danny and Riku.


Daughter: Danielle Cameron
Daughter: Yoko Cameron
Son: Yuna Cameron


More FanArt and Cosplay by me: king.of.sharks

männlicher Charakter, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert, Vektorgrafik

Eigener Charakter, Eigener Charakter

Alter: Erwachsener, Haare: dunkle Haarfarbe, Körperbau: muskulös, Haare: mittellang

Associated Animals:
Brown Bear


Interpreter, Translator

Mental Health:

Dominant Hand:

not feeling he's part of anything/belonging anywhere in the world

Bad Habits:
being too nice, cloistering himself

bodybuilding, dancing, rave parties

buff bear

tank tops, jeans, workout clothes

stew, comfort food

fitness, music, animals, learning about other cultures

rudeness, misogynists, racists, sexists, homphobes, smarty-pants

tall beauties, has a thing for long legs

caring top

massaging, touching, licking



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