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King_of_Sharks   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 05.11.2020 18:50

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Iori is the second oldest of Makoto’s and Haru’s children. He’s very close to Mizuki and Akaya, and hangs out with them a lot.

Iori has Waardenburg syndrome which leaves him partially deaf, and which is why he’s wearing hearing aids. Haru feared they couldn’t provide him with the care he needed, so Iori lives with Makoto’s parents, and goes to a different school than his other siblings.

Always feeling isolated and out of touch with other people, Iori further distanced himself from others in his youth. He found a bunny when he was 14 and raised and named her “Umi”. She’s his best friend aside from Mizuki.

For a few months, Iori’s teenage life got better when he got a girlfriend, but she soon moved far away, leaving him alone again. Iori knows he’s ace, and because his next two partners didn’t respect this aspect about him, he decided to give up on relationships.

During his studies, Iori lived with his parents and also stayed with them when he got a job in the Japanese embassy. After working there for a few years, he met Berry, who just got transferred from Canada. Contrary to his agenda, Iori fell in love with Berry, who really made an effort to get to know him.

They eventually moved in together, and Berry was also there for Iori when Umi died. Despite her death, Iori’s condition got better due to the positive impact Berry made on his life. They even go to raves sometimes since they both enjoy music, but also do a lot of family stuff with Akaya and Mizuki, and all of their children.

Because Berry and Akaya are very close, Iori sometimes gets very jealous even though he has nothing to worry about. Iori's pride and joy are his children with Berry, whom they both dote on a lot.


Grandfather: Mr. Tachibana
Grandmother: Mrs. Tachibana
Grandfather: Mr. Nanase
Grandmother: Mrs. Nanase
Father: Makoto Tachibana
Mother: Haruka Nanase
Brother: Mizuki Tachibana
Brother: Taki Tachibana
Sister: Makoto Tachibana
Sister: Haruka Tachibana
Brother: Haruhi Tachibana
Brother: Haruko Tachibana
Aunt: Ran Tachibana
Uncle: Ren Tachibana
Niece: Miharu Yamazaki
Nephew: Riku Yamazaki
Nephew: Chizuru Tachibana
Daughter: Danielle Cameron
Daughter: Yoko Cameron
Son: Yuna Cameron


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männlicher Charakter, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert, Vektorgrafik

Eigener Charakter, Eigener Charakter

Alter: Erwachsener, Haare: dunkle Haarfarbe, Haare: kurz

he/him, they/them

Associated Animals:
Beluga, Owl, Bunny



Mental Health:
Social Anxiety Disorder

Dominant Hand:

making weird noises/sounding weird

Bad Habits:
critizising behavior in others, hypocrite

big on diciplining others, listening to music, rave parties

Pet/Best Friend:

thicc with long legs

left ear: 5 | right ear: 5 | medusa | vertical labret | bellybutton

blue, green, turquoise, music-realted motifs

chocolate mousse, salmon; pescetarian

music, a calm & familiar environment, feeling safe, animals/pets

aggressive people, immoral behavior, delinquents, openly sexual people

used to think he had no preference, turns out he likes bears (hairy guys)

very devoted (bottom)

massages, making-out, touching, licking

Waardenburg-Syndrome, deaf


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