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King_of_Sharks   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 17.12.2020 04:20

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All in all, Riku can be best described as an idiot troll with a heart of gold.

Having grown up in a very loving home with supportive parents, Riku can’t help himself but wanting to give some of this love and support to others. Unfortunately, this urge mostly presents itself as him helping guys in “need”, making him a huge player. Riku was on his school’s swimming team, but probably spent more time screwing guys than training. He’s very good nonetheless thanks to his father’s discipline, making swimming a viable career option for him later.

A few months before graduating, he gets to know Fuyuki whom he falls head over heels for. Never having experienced being in love before, he was confused initially, but managed to confess in time. The two of them have a rather interesting relationship, with Fuyuki seemingly being annoyed at him all the time – but appearances can be deceitful. In fact, hey love and respect each other very much & Riku is happy to be Fuyuki’s figurative and literal punching bag. They’re in a semi-open relationship, but change the rules according to their situation, making them exclusive at certain points in their life.

There’s probably nothing that Riku loves more in the world – aside from Fuyuki – than his mommy Mizuki and food, especially cereal. He’d eat it all day if he were allowed to and also collects the toys that come in the packages.

Riku also loves teasing his best friend Leon, whose way too innocent for being around him. On the other hand, he doesn’t like Shuya, whom he grew up with, anymore at all, due to finding out some disturbing things about him.

Not ever having even thought about having kids & being a man child himself, Riku was completely overwhelmed & agreed with Fuyuki to give Jun’ya to his sister after he was born. He doesn’t regret this decision, however, what he does regret is not having spent more time with his son during his childhood. Later he makes up for it & has a pretty good relationship with Jun'ya.


Grandfather: Makoto Tachibana
Grandmother: Haruka Nanase
Grandfather: Sousuke Yamazaki
Grandmother: Rin Matsuoka
Father: Akaya Yamazaki
Mother: Mizuki Tachibana
Uncle: Itoe Yamazaki
Uncle: Iori Tachibana
Uncle: TakiTachibana
Aunt: Makoto Tachibana
Aunt: Haruhi Tachibana
Uncle: Haruko Tachibana
Sister: Miharu Yamazaki
Son: Jun'ya Akera
Cousin: Chizuru Tachibana
Cousin: Danielle Cameron
Cousin: Yoko Cameron
Cousin: Yuna Cameron


More stories and information about my OCs: @starry.waters

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männlicher Charakter, J-Style inspired, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert, Vektorgrafik

Eigener Charakter, Eigener Charakter

Alter: Erwachsener, Haare: dunkle Haarfarbe, Haare: gemischte Haarfarbe, Körperbau: athletisch, Haare: kurz


Associated Animals:
Tiger Shark, Tiger



Swimmer, Host

Mental Health:
helper syndrome, some narcissistic traits

Dominant Hand:
ambidextrous, prefers left

making his true desires shown

Bad Habits:
forgetting names/who he slept with -being too childish

teasing Leon, collecting cereal toys, sex

"xxx" shaved in the back of his head

fit swimmer body

left ear: 5 | right ear: 5 | eyebrow | tongue | bellybutton

cookie monster, stars, only wears jeggings...except for the one pair of black pants Fuyuki made him buy

cereal, sweets, cola

his mommy, pleasing other people, food

being mistaken for a bottom when he's in a chubby phase

dominant thicc guys

serving top

BDSM (sub), butts, thicc thighs

slight underbite


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