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Video: 【MEW】Balsam • 鳳仙花【VOCALOID 3】

Von: Mukku-chan (Diaval)
Datum: 21.09.2019, 19:30
Länge: 5:18 Minuten
Kategorie: Fanvideos/-projekte
Beschreibung: It's been years since the last time I used VOCALOID. It was the first time I tried using MEW and tbh at first I had doubts how it would turn out. In the end I was surprised how good she fits this song.

Also available on Soundcloud:

VSQX by Satan
Song by Kurosawa Madoka
Original Singer: Yuzuki Yukari
- Author's Comment: "They hate you, don't they? No, I just like being alone".
Background found on wallpapermaiden, if you know the artist please hit me up. ;3

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