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Animexx e.V.
We came to an agreement in good health:
That if no-one would take care of us, we'd be f i n e by ourselves.
It was time to cut the views of those who don't d e s e r v e our spit.
Why is it that we crave the praise from the people who least deserve it?

I'm a tangled ball of string.
I'm a criminal, you're the victim.
I am a cat, and you are the mouse.
And I am the milkmaid
that killed all the cows.

Oh, am I the oil to stain your skin?
A m . I . t h e . s t o r m . t h a t . s a n k . y o u r . s h i p ?
Or you are the horse, and I, the cart...

But it's you, but it's you, but it's you
It's not me, it's not me, it's not me

T h a t . b r o k e . y o u r . h e a r t.

It was you, who broke your own heart.


♪ Living with identities, that do not belong to me ♪

♫ In my life I got this far ♫
♪ Now I'm ready for the last Hoorah ♪
♫ Dying like a shooting star~ ♫

♪ Pick a personality for free ♪
♫ When you feel like nobody, body ♫

♪ Born with a void, hard to destroy with love ~ or hope ♪
♫ Built with a heart, broken from the start and now ♫
♪ I die slow ♪

♫ Back to zero, here we go again, again ♫
♪ Racing down into oblivion ♪

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