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Minna-san, Konnichiwa!
~*Willkommen auf meiner Animexx Projektseite*~

  Hier könnt Ihr euch ab sofort über alles rund um Shiroku und Co informieren.

Seien es neue Auftrittstermine, CD-Veröffentlichungen, seltsame Gedanken oder Pinguine,
hier werdet ihr immer auf dem laufenden gehalten und wisst ganz genau was in Shiroku´s Leben so passiert.

Schaut doch auch mal hier rein:

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~* News *~
~* News*~

~* 10.11.2012 *~

Yay, die Projektseite ist endlich online!
In nächster Zeit wird die Seite aufjedenfall noch weiter ausgebaut.
Also schaut aufjedenfall demnächst nochmal vorbei!

Ich freu mich!
Bis dann :)
-: I started a new costume at Friday ❤ it's for the World Cosplay Summit in 2 weeks ❤ We have a lot of outdoor events ❤ super excited!
-: Some had difficulties to find our skit ECG - European Cosplay Gathering under the general link. Of course we also have a link to our skit ❤ Thank you so much for the positive feedback ToT we are so happy everyone likes it! https://youtu.be/IWpTS6d3VnU
-: The ECG - European Cosplay Gathering skits are online! Wow that was fast ! Can't wait to watch them at Sunday with Chiko ❤❤❤❤❤ ECG Season 8 Finals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it-uHrbBx0A&list=PLo7YCZtN-2FiXgfrlNYNt4CfC1yWbaoSp
-: After a few days we finally could settle down and recover from this amazing weekend. We still cant believe what happened and that our adventure since September found an end. For us it was already a huge surprise to win the ECG - European Cosplay Gathering preselection’s at Connichi (we even didn’t plan to go to the winning ceremony, but got convinced by the organizer), because we really messed up our skit. While Germany is pretty successful in the Solo categories, until now a German team/ group has never won a podium place in the whole international Cosplay history since 2005. We didn´t expected anything, because we knew neither our skit, nor our costumes are even near to perfect and we could see how talented and skilled other teams are. (To be honest, we messed up our fight and were tripping on stage…). For us being able to participate next to so many talented Cosplayers, to meet them and to make so many new friends was already an amazing experience and price. To even bring back a podium place is something we never expected. We want to thank everyone for their kindness and support. Thanks to you we could kept going. It was very stressful and not easy at all. But thanks to everyone we could make it. We want to thank especially Riko Creatix our best helper for her patience and her time. Helping us to dress, bringing us water, feeding us tasty food and helping us with the prop transport. Kai for driving our props over 1.000 Kilometer to Paris, being patient with us and endless supportive. Thanks to Bryan Valentino who made the amazing background video for us and Kukkii-san for the private wig workshop to get a clue how to make this monster of a wig.Thanks for your patience and time! Also thanks to the team epic for giving their best, being kind and taking really good care of us. Of course Benjamin Zafrany, who sacrificed his sleep in order to make the ECG an unique experience for every single participant! We didn’t felt left alone even once during the whole event, because there was always someone of the epic members helping us. Thank sou! We also want to thank our senpais Artflower Cosplay and Abyssinian Cosplay for taking their time to answear every single of our stupid questions and giving us all the important advices to survive this adventure. Also thanks to our sponsors myCostumes for sponsoring our wigs and more and Yakitori for the awesome team T-Shirts. And of course thanks to all the other participants and congratulations to winners! Everyone made this trip amazing and unique. So much kindness and talent in one place. It was such an honor to be with you guys and to be part of this amazing ECG family! Thank you!
-: Right now I'm just overwhelmed! Still super exhausted but already missing all the people ! I'll write something the next days and will answer everyone! Sorry for the delay ToT Love you all guys! Thank you ! ECG - European Cosplay Gathering Picture by Meermiau
-: Bts picture of our photoshooting at Saturday ❤❤ ECG - European Cosplay Gathering Thanks myCostumes for sponsoring us ❤
-: Today we are Sakura and Tomoyo ❤❤ ECG - European Cosplay Gathering
-: Omg thank you so much !!! We never expected that !!! ECG - European Cosplay Gathering
-: We are done with our skit ! Thanks so mich everyone for their support ! We hope you liked it ! Chiko as Saber Nero Bride @shirokuchan as Musashi Miyamoto @ecgcosplay @japan_expo #ecg #ecgs8 #ecg2018 #europeanCosplayGathering #teamGermany #TeamCupCat #Chiko #ecgfinals #Shiroku #european #cosplay #gathering #Germany #team #representatives #japanExpo #fgo #fatego #fategrandorder #musashi #musashicosplay #sabercosplay #saberbride #sabernero
-: Shiroku hat 3 neue Fotos hinzugefügt.
First picture of our @ecgcosplay final cosplay. Done with judging and now waiting for rehearsal. @shirokuchan as Musashi Miyamoto @ChibiChikoChan As Saber Nero @ecgcosplay @japan_expo #ecg #ecgs8 #ecg2018 #europeanCosplayGathering #teamGermany #TeamCupCat #Chiko #ecgfinals
~* Next Time On Stage *~

~*> Connichi

       13.-15.09.2013, Kassel (Deutschland)

       Sonntag 14:30 Uhr Hauptsaal



~*> Mega Manga Con

       04.10. - 06.10.2013, Berlin (Deutschland)

       Samstag 12 Uhr

       Piano, Dancecrew and Voice  

~* Diskografie*~

~* Alben *~

~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* 2012: Anime No Piano

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2011: Anime Wonderland

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime Dreams

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)


~* Singles *~

~* 2011: Bad Apple

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
Top 40 in den
jap. Itunes Dance Charts
~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime X´Mas from Japan

(Online: Not available)
~* 2009: Inori - You Raise Me Up

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* Member*~
~* Thanks for working with me! *~

~* On Stage      
Gesang: Shiroku    
Piano: Manami Haruta Shiroku  
Tanz: Ishida _Riko_  
  Annemie Sweety-Rikku  
Support: Kickaha Mangamaz  
~* Off Stage      
Foto: Harlock Meermiau Michael Kügler
Design: Chiyoko_Chi    
Producer: GatsuE    


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