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Talking to a Friend

Mugen x Fuu / Jin Fuu Friendship ...


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Talking to a Friend Part 1


“May I sit here?”

Jin followed the voice and turned his head. He looked straight into Fuu’s face, her lips smiling from ear to ear.

He only moved aside a little so that she could sit.

It was a very warm summer night; the wind blew smooth through the trees and brought the smell of fresh mown grass with him

“Can’t sleep?“, she asked. Jin only nodded.

“Well that makes two of us“, sighed Fuu and leaned against the wall of the little cottage where they were staying overnight. “Mugen’s snoring … again.”

She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

“Why can’t you sleep, Jin?”

He only shrugged his shoulders and continued to watch the moonlight reflecting on the little pond next to their cottage. No matter how hard she tried, she never seemed to bring him toa decent conversation with her.

‘Fuu has noticed’, he thought and also leant against the wall. He looked up into the sky and watched the stars.

Fuu watched him with worried eyes. This was the third night or maybe even the fourth that he hadn’t been in bed. She sighed: “You miss her a lot, don’t you?”

Jin continued watching. “I don’t know what you are talking about, Fuu-chan.”

She leant her head against his shoulder:” It’s not a shame to miss the ones you love, Jin-kun. You love Shino. You should be grateful that she’s alive and that you will see each other again.”

Another sigh. “Of course it’s okay to miss her. Believe me I understand this feeling more than anyone else, but you should get some sleep as well.”

Jin looked at her questionably: “Do you really believe that I’ll see her again?”, he asked. “I gave up on that hope. I bet she’s already got another man. I’m not worth being with…”

Before he could finish, Fuu growled angrily. “Don’t you dare to say such ridiculous things Jin! You’re the only man worth it and you know it! What would Shino think of you if she knew what you are saying right now! You love her, and she loves you too. You can do nothing against that.”

And before he could do anything against it, she hugged him tightly. “I hate it to see you like that, Jin. You’re my friend and I don’t want you to be sad.”

To her surprise, he pulled her closer with his right arm against her shoulder. “Thank you, Fuu-chan”, he whispered. Fuu smiled and hugged him tighter until he let out a short gasp.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry Jin. Did I reopen your wounds?” She looked at the samurai with deep concern. Only a week before he and Mugen had to fight against a group of Ninjas sent by the Shogun to capture them.

Jin got hurt in order to safe Fuu but it hadn’t been life threatening.

After a few moments breathing in and out deeply he shook his head. “I’m alright.”

“I’m sorry”, she said and blushed a little.

Awkward silence followed. Fuu wanted desperately to help Jin. She hated it to see him so sad.

“Tell me Fuu-chan”, he said, breaking the silence and watching the stars again. “Why do you give ME love advice, when you don’t even take care about your own love problems?”

She looked at him confused, and a little frightened. “W-what do you mean?!”, she yelped and turned at least ten shades of red.

How did Jin know? She had tried to be sooo careful! She only looked at Mugen in secret. Innocent glances while they where all eating or sleeping! How had he noticed? “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about Jin”, she stuttered.

Just one stop-trying-to-convince-me,-I’m-cool-and-I-know-everything-look from him and her mouth was shut. He knew all about her affection for Mugen. But he couldn’t understand.

He always insulted her and was mean to her. Fuu was such a cute and nice and caring girl. Too cute, too nice and too caring for him But she liked him, and he didn’t have the right to say anything against it.

“Why don’t you tell him?”, he asked and looked at her questionably.

She only shook her head and then looked at him with a sad expression in her eyes.

“Am I really that obvious Jin?”

He nodded, but gave her an encouraging smile.

“Well, why do you ask then?”, she asked and closed her eyes. “I’m sure if you noticed, than he noticed as well. He didn’t do anything.”

The sound of her voice got even sadder. “He thinks I’m ugly, flat chested and good for nothing. And he’s right. Otherwise he would like me.”

Jin once again laid an arm around her shoulder. ‘My turn to cheer her up’ he thought.

“Want to know a secret?” Fuu blinked at him questionably.

Jin smirked. “He’s looking at you all the time, didn’t you notice? He’s frustrated. He knows he likes you but he’s trying to deny it.”

Fuu blushed. “Y-you really think so? That’s hard to believe.” She just couldn’t imagine Mugen liking or even loving her. Was Jin really telling the truth? That couldn’t be true.

“It’s nice of you, trying to cheer me up Jin. But if he really liked me, he wouldn’t visit his stupid brothels every time possible,” she answered with a frustrated tone.

She drew up her knees and hugged them tightly. Her eyes were filled with tears she desperately fought back and every time she thought about Mugen, her heart beat faster but there was also a deep and depressing feeling, because she knew that he didn’t belong with her.

“Don’t be ridiculous Fuu, believe me I know.”

He stood up and reached for his swords.

“you know what? Wait here and you’ll get a prove”.

He smiled evilly and got into the cottage.

Fuu shivered. Not only because the night was getting colder, but because of Jin’s smile. He was sure up to something. ‘I hope he isn’t telling Mugen…’ She sighed again. ‘ Well wouldn’t make any difference. He doesn’t like me anyway.’

Fuu tightened her grip around her knees and closed her eyes. She listened to the sounds of the night. She could hear the water of the nearby stream that went into the pond. She could hear the wind whispering stories to the forest.

Then she could her mumbling from inside the cottage. ‘Oh dear…Jin woke Mugen… IS HE CRAZY?!’

Fuu waited nervously as Jin had told her, and after a few minutes, Mugen came out.

Fuu blinked confused. Mugen blinked back.

“What are you looking at? Are you coming or not?”

Fuu blinked again and gave him a confused look. “Fish-face said you wanted to take a walk in the moonlight or something like that. I don’t know why girls like that okay? He doesn’t want you to go alone… So are you coming or not?”

Mugen held out his hand to her, to help her up, and after a few seconds, Fuu took it and followed him into the forest.

In the meanwhile, Jin watched them go away and grinned to himself. Fuu-chan deserved to be happy, and he was glad that he could at least help her to get a little of the happiness she wanted.



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