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Fuyuki being momed by Mizuki because he neeeeeeeds it.

The whole story behind the picture:

Mizuki accidentally saw some of Fuyuki's scars and feels the need to talk about that.

Fuyuki: Sorry you had to see that… *embarrassed *
Mizuki: *shakes his head * There is no need to apologize. I’ve got a few as well. *smiles *
Fuyuki: *surprised, disbelieve * You?
Mizuki: *lifts his shirt up to reveal several stretch marks on his belly and hips * Mainly from the pregnancies and my youth.
Fuyuki: Oh…but they’re not self-inflicted. *looks down * Or purposely by others.
Mizuki: N-no, but- *mimimizuing struggling to get his point across *
Fuyuki: *sighs * It’s different…I think they’re ugly and don’t like showing them.
Mizuki: They’re not! *still mimimizuing * A lot of people have scars…
Fuyuki: I know…but it’s different when you cause them yourself.
Mizuki: *shakes his head * Akaya has some as well and that doesn’t bother me!
Fuyuki: Akaya?
Mizuki: Yes… *not sure if he should talk about that, but he wants to help *
Fuyuki: I did…not expect that. Also from...?
Mizuki: Yes. He had and has some psychological problems – especially when we were younger.
Fuyuki: I didn’t expect that. *mind blown *
Mizuki: Luckily I was able to help him and he stopped soon. *gentle smile * Does Riku help you out with that as well?
Fuyuki: Y-es. He’s a big help. *shy about admitting that *
Mizuki: That’s good! *proud of his son * He’s not bothered by them, is he?
Fuyuki: *shakes his head * Not that I know of. *thinks about it * He’s got scars as well, but obviously not those.
Mizuki: And do they bother you?
Fuyuki: Of course not.
Mizuki: See? There’s nothing to worry about~ *bright smile *
Fuyuki: I-I know…I’m trying to get better… *hasn’t told the whole story yet *
Mizuki: If you need anything, I’m here for you. *touches his arm *
Fuyuki: Thank you. *appreciates the kindness * But there’s…something else. I’ve got other scars as well. *voice cracks *
Mizuki: *instantly worried again * What is it?
Fuyuki: I – didn’t cause them. It was my ex-boyfriend. *can’t look at him *
Mizuki: *can’t believe anyone would do such a thing, especially not someone who says he loves you * That’s terrible! *sad and moming him *
Fuyuki: I-I know. *starts crying * They’re so much worse and I hate them.
Mizuki: *cuddles him *
Fuyuki: The others are fine and a sign that I survived, but those are a reminder that I’m weak and I let myself get treated like that! *very upset, hiding face at Mizuki’s chest *
Mizuki: There there. *crying a little as well, but ai ai aing him *
Fuyuki: *rolls himself up into a smaller and smaller ball, so that he’s now lying on the couch with his knees to his chest and his head on Mizuki’s lap *
Mizuki: *wants to help more, but doesn’t know how to *
Fuyuki: *calms down slowly and feels comfortable *
Mizuki: *strokes his head * He won’t hurt you anymore. *whispers * Riku will protect you and I’ll make sure you feel safe as well.
Fuyuki: *nods and his voice is still weak * I’m so glad…thank you.
Mizuki: Anything you need. *still stroking through his hair *
Fuyuki: I miss my mom so much… *exhausted from crying, falls asleep like this *
Mizuki: *wipes the last tears off his face *

Riku arrives at home about 15 minutes later.

Riku: *only sees Mizuki’s head from the back * Mom, I-
Mizuki: Ssssch! *puts one finger over his lips and whispers * He’s sleeping.
Riku: *walks around the sofa * Oh… *not sure what to think of the scenery, although Fuyuki looks very cute *
Mizuki: He had a rough day. *smiling sadly down at Fuyuki *
Riku: *sits down next to Fuyuki and asks as quiet as possible * What’s up?
Mizuki: He told me about his scars…and that he misses his mom.
Riku: *swallows * I see.
Mizuki: Take good care of him, will you? *begging eyes *
Riku: O-of course! *would have done that anyway, but also can’t say no to his mom *
Mizuki: I know you’re a good boy. *smiles *
Riku: *nods with a smile * I’ve got to take care of my queen~ *gently caressing Fuyuki’s thighs and leaning down to kiss his head *
Mizuki: *fan-mizuing, touched by this sight *
Fuyuki: *smoothly wakes up from the fondling * …hmmm? *blink out of tired reddened eyes *
Rat: Good evening~ *smiles *
Fuyuki: *blushes * … *especially as he’s realizing he’s still lying on Mizuki’s lap * Wha! *gets up * Sorry! How long have I slept?
Mizuki: It’s fine~ I’m used to this since Akaya does this almost daily. *smiles * Only about 15 minutes.
Fuyuki: *still embarrassed *
Riku: //So cute!//
Mizuki: *gets up to leave them their privacy * I’ll go make dinner~ *vanishes into the kitchen *
Fuyuki: What do you want? *pouting *
Riku: I just want to make sure you’re alright. *carefully hugs him *
Fuyuki: //He’s so serious…// *not angry anymore * I’m fine. *whispers *
Riku: Really? If you need to talk, I’ll listen.
Fuyuki: There’s nothing to say you don’t already know… *sighs and cuddles him back *
Riku: Okay. But you’ll tell me if you need anything, okay?
Fuyuki: Yeah… *breaks free only to lift himself up by placing his hands on his shoulders and kisses him *
Riku: *did not expect that * //O-oooh~// *puts his hands on his waist and responds *
Fuyuki: *stops not long after *
Riku: *mumbles into his ear * It’s not a good idea to make out in the living room, but if you want to continue this, we could go into my room~
Fuyuki: I know. But I first want to eat something…and need to freshen up beforehand. God, I must look terrible right now. *way too worried about his looks again *
Riku: I think you look great~ *gives him a kiss on the cheek * But I get it. Especially the eating part. *stomach growls *
Fuyuki: *chuckles a little * You’re such an idiot.
Riku: *blushes as he sees him smile *


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