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ProfDrLachfinger   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 07.01.2018 23:55
(This is my part of the christmas fan art exchange organized by the amazing @jsamnfanart Thank you so much! :3

My match was @traces-to-nowhere / @dreamslender-exquisite <3 Their prompt was “The Gentleman consumed by the tree in the ballroom at Lost Hope”.

And somehow I have the feeling I got it slightly wrong …? Maybe you imagined to it to be a bit more raw and visceral like in the TV show, but somehow I felt drawn to that slow consumation-thing, where the Gentleman just turns into the tree bit by bit and then vanishes completely at some point.

Still, I do hope you’ll like the picture and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a lot of fun and joy for the next year and I hope you’ll make more amazing fandom experiences like this, because I certainly enjoyed drawing this picture for you <3)
Elfen und Feen, Mythologie

Buntstifte, Tusche, Fineliner

Keltische Mythologie, Elfen


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