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Miburou   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 16.03.2017 18:32
Another collaboration with my friend Dino, who unfortunately doesn't have an account here. We now have our collaboration logo with us "Rukisaurus". I worked on the outlines and Dino did colour this illustration and I am super grateful that she worked so hard on it, especially on the petals. Some of the blossoms have a bit more of an ume-colour but they give off a special radiation that I really, really like. The shine of the moon and the soft shading to the darker blues are wonderful..
I can proudly say that this is my first Sakuyamon and I thought it was hard to get their details right. I love Sakuyamon a lot, especially because they have a Miko-version as well and I really love Inari and the Shintou belief. I think that for all the references given, moonlight and cherry blossoms suit Sakuyamon a lot. While I really like drawing cherry blossoms, it was really a lot of work and I had to try to draw them with several references.

Computer Grafik, Alkoholmarker


Digimon Tamers


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Von:  Arashi-Cat
2017-03-19T09:22:09+00:00 19.03.2017 10:22
Wunderschön !