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Elomi   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 11.06.2016 22:06
Zu diesem Bild gibt es eine kleine Geschichte. Wenn jemand sie lesen will und kein Englisch versteht, werde ich sie übersetzen! :)

Super lieben Dank für das AL! Das bedeutet mir bei diesem Bild wirklich besonders viel! :) <3

"It was a dreary gray evening, when Helleghar decided to leave. Mind her, she had been playing with the thought for a long while now, but today she would finally see through with it. She had heard her usual whispers, a supernatural talent, that did not develop in many, but chosen humans. They were sacred words that spoke of fire and warmth. Of cruel rituals and destruction. An uncontrollable urge to bring justice, but to whom no one outside the circles really knew. On any other occasion, Helleghar had resisted those whispers. But today... today she had succumbed to them. What she did was... unthinkable.

As she fled the crimescene as fast as she could, she pushed the memories of what she had done into the farthest, darkest corner of her mind. She only knew that she had to flee, run, leave! It took her three nights to find her way to the entrance of a sprawling forest. The trees grew tall and one could not look further than a view meters. How she knew where to find this place and how she had gotten there undiscovered in the first place... she simply could not remember as well. But it was obvious, that this was the right place for her to have gone to, for a women clad in a longrobed attire waited for her. She did not show any friendly emotion, but by her insistent stare and held out hand, it was obvious that she wanted to be approached. Once Helleghar reached her, she was given a candle to hold. The priestess, as Helleghar somehow knew, stepped back and lead the way into the woods.

The pathways they took were serpentine with trees and weird bushes towering tall above them. It did not take long, before Helleghar lost any resemblance of orientation. Her eyes fixated on the candle, the priestess herself held. Parts of their path were illuminated by lanterns, whom cast indefinable, shifting shadows. On several occasions Helleghar had to shudder, because she could literally feel the cold shadows that licked at her feet. Still fixating on the lightsource in front of her, her mind provided many possible creatures the shadows could look like. None of them looked all to welcoming.

When they reached a huge, fallen tree, that lay over a cleft and the women in front of her began to stride upon it, Helleghar knew, that once she would place a single toetip onto the wood, there would be no going back. She could not move, her feet seemingly rooted to the ground. With a near scowl on her face, the priestess looked back at her. The women probably would sacrifice her on the spot, should she decide not to follow her further. Even if it would be just to demonstrate, that Helleghar was beneath her and did not deserve to be welcomed by her. How dare Helleghar to decline the generous offer of the firewood priests. The no longer girl took a tentative step onto the natural bridge."
Fantasie, Eigene Serie, Geister, Spirits und Übersinnliches

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert


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Von:  Teilchenzoo
2016-06-16T06:16:25+00:00 16.06.2016 08:16
Geht die Geschichte noch irgendwo weiter?

Im ersten Moment dachte ich, die Person wäre mit dem Baum verwachsen, so glatt ist der Übergang. Der Stoff muss wirklich weich sein.
Sehr eindrucksvoll, und man entdeckt immer noch mehr- wie anderen Lichter in der Dunkelheit.
Von:  Aquina
2016-06-15T16:17:24+00:00 15.06.2016 18:17
Ein absolut verdientes AL!
Die Perspektive ist klasse und die Farbgebung ist der Hammer! o.o
Von:  Styxcolor
2016-06-13T20:19:21+00:00 13.06.2016 22:19
Heyy :D Glückwunsch zum AL!
Von:  Oogie-Boogie
2016-06-12T08:13:58+00:00 12.06.2016 10:13
Bei den Göttern!
Die Atmosphäre die Atmosphäre...!
Dein Einsatz von Licht und Schatten ist schlichtweg fantastisch.
Von:  Styxcolor
2016-06-12T07:59:28+00:00 12.06.2016 09:59
Die Licht/Schatten-Verhältnisse sind einfach genial. Sie sticht wie eine Kerze geradezu heraus in dem Schwarz. Ein sehr interessanter Effekt.