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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 05.09.2011 07:50
Just this guy you might meet in a public toilet.

Started drawing this in July at one convention to keep myself from falling asleep (I'm always sleep deprived at cons =__= ).

Also, speaking of conventions I'll be at Connichi : D
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Von:  Cubia
2011-12-11T11:59:09+00:00 11.12.2011 12:59
Uhwahaaaa, what a boy! *//w//*
I hope he knows that this is MY PERSONAL TOILET! Not public at all! It's mine! So he's, too! *grabs him and gives him a hug after disinfecting his body*
I'm sorry for all the dust and dirt you see in my toilet. It's just, well... not in use very often! Q//w//Q
Aaaaahh! I hope he didn't find this knife on the floor! Geez, stop licking it! Noooo! >//3//<

Great drawing! Just amazing! *faaaveee*
I-I ment it's a g-great photo of my p-personal toilet! *scratches her head* :3
Von: abgemeldet
2011-09-21T21:43:02+00:00 21.09.2011 23:43
> Not very hygienic - I mean, leaning on THAT wall, ewww... XD

Von:  Ellerfru
2011-09-05T22:07:20+00:00 06.09.2011 00:07
Not very hygienic - I mean, leaning on THAT wall, ewww... XD
Von:  Veeko
2011-09-05T18:49:07+00:00 05.09.2011 20:49
hui, handsome guy! *u*
awesome that you're coming again! :D
Von:  yaichi_san_Yaichino
2011-09-05T17:34:24+00:00 05.09.2011 19:34
ahh...realy smexy :D

love the grey-turquoise hair ^^
Von:  Kaguron
2011-09-05T17:14:04+00:00 05.09.2011 19:14
oh that guy i don't wonna meet him in the toillet. i hope he is not getting ill, because he doesn't wear a shirt and he licks blood.... eeew! XD

Anyway, the picture is awesom!
great drawing!
Von:  Karma
2011-09-05T15:49:17+00:00 05.09.2011 17:49
I really need to go to public toilets more often ...
Any chance I can just grab him, put him in my bag and sneak out without anyone noticing?
*tries and fails*
Von:  AnnaBlume
2011-09-05T15:17:30+00:00 05.09.2011 17:17
I already faved it on dA and I did it here too *____*
It's so fantaaaaaaaastic <33
That guy is so smexxyyyyyyy XD ♥
Compliments to the tongue, I once tried a similar pose too but I failed completely XD
Von:  sephiroth666
2011-09-05T14:53:47+00:00 05.09.2011 16:53
>Just this guy you might meet in a public toilet.

Okay, I accept, that this toilet is his own property...but please, please don't let him kill me T___T...
Von:  -Snow_White-
2011-09-05T14:35:14+00:00 05.09.2011 16:35
can i take him with me Q//Q ??? xD