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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 06.03.2011 22:01
Done for Fat Thursday that is all about donuts. So I did chocolate. BUT there is one donut!

My OC, Czekolada
weiblicher Charakter

Bleistift, Computer koloriert


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Von:  RagnorFell
2011-07-27T06:38:14+00:00 27.07.2011 08:38
really really amazing~

I would like to write a comment to all images,
English writing is always stressful.
Whom is the english skills are rusty.

But your PIcture are really amazing
Von:  Black-Starshine
2011-03-14T08:20:22+00:00 14.03.2011 09:20
I'm really excited about your image.
The anatomy is perfect and the color scheme is just beautiful.
I can not say much, only that I wish I could draw so well, so detailed and so close to reality.
To be honest I'm a little jealous.

But that is not envious six, but still a one and a place on my list of favorite artists.

Von: abgemeldet
2011-03-08T16:27:01+00:00 08.03.2011 17:27
wooow.. realy amazing :>
Von: abgemeldet
2011-03-07T23:35:02+00:00 08.03.2011 00:35
i like the little details :) great work !!!
Von:  -ANGST-
2011-03-07T19:58:17+00:00 07.03.2011 20:58
anikakinka kann: Englisch, Polnischperfekt!
Von:  Fluviale
2011-03-07T19:12:48+00:00 07.03.2011 20:12
She's adoreable!

I love her hair. Brown, curly, beautiful! ♥
I also love the way you use brown, especially combined with red and gold.
The accessory is simply amazing. I admire your patience. ;)
Her clothing is as lovely as her hair is.
You've done the quillings so well. Admireable.
Like the donut theme. :)
Von:  -Snow_White-
2011-03-07T18:26:42+00:00 07.03.2011 19:26
thats rly great!
i like it~
Von:  Tokala
2011-03-07T08:48:22+00:00 07.03.2011 09:48
I love her legs! Ö___Ö <333 She looks dangerous and sexy, really a great picture!

Von:  CatariaNigra
2011-03-07T08:12:16+00:00 07.03.2011 09:12
You should have made her a little fatter.. its fat thursday after all.
Von:  Lancha
2011-03-07T06:23:39+00:00 07.03.2011 07:23
I just chocola ;A; and your choice of clothes for her and and the donat hairpiece and |D
ack! Wonderful!