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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 10.01.2011 07:50
When I started drawing him he was a random character but now he has personality, own input in one of my stories etc so I guess that's my new OC xD;;; Themen:
männlicher Charakter

Bleistift, Computer koloriert


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Von:  Daiju
2011-05-26T17:35:11+00:00 26.05.2011 19:35
Yes~ Ribbons :D
Great Work.
Von: abgemeldet
2011-01-10T19:30:46+00:00 10.01.2011 20:30
It´s always the gardener xD

No, seriously, very well done. Great design, I freakin´ love this small ribbons around his waist and neck. His eyes are kind of piercing, added to that greenish hair and the dark atmosphere with those arkward flowers - he could be some character from a story based of horror. Love it <3
btw your gallery looks rather interesting, gotta watch you now <>.<>

Von:  Kuerbis17
2011-01-10T19:06:38+00:00 10.01.2011 20:06
Wow :D
I love the colours and your drawing style^^ I'm interested in his story, but you wouldn't, by chance, make a douji with him, would you? <:)
well, lovely picture! ;D
Von: abgemeldet
2011-01-10T14:16:40+00:00 10.01.2011 15:16
it´s wonderful!!!! again it´s just wonderful!!!!

i really love you and your art more with every new fanart X3 i want to see more of your chocolate-girl too (i´m unable to remind the correct writing >.<)
Von: abgemeldet
2011-01-10T11:25:46+00:00 10.01.2011 12:25
wow~♥ i love every color you took so thats already a pro XD
and those ribbons are so fucking cute~ the marks and his red eyes give him a really intensive look as if he is just looking inside of me or something like that. Also i reaaally love the flowers- not that many details but still really butiful ♥
Great work :3
Von:  Permafrost
2011-01-10T11:20:11+00:00 10.01.2011 12:20
I really love his clothes and hairstyle, and the colors you use! interesting oc! I wanna know more about him...

Von:  Lexxy
2011-01-10T08:35:11+00:00 10.01.2011 09:35
He's a hotty <3
Great work ^^
Von:  Youen
2011-01-10T08:34:48+00:00 10.01.2011 09:34
I really love it! *_*
The Atmosphere is perfect >A<

I don't like green, but his hair color suits him and
i luv it :D
Von: abgemeldet
2011-01-10T08:10:51+00:00 10.01.2011 09:10
great ^^ *thumbs up*
Von:  Carreauline
2011-01-10T07:39:23+00:00 10.01.2011 08:39
LOVE! *_*
I absolutely love his design and his expression! Wow!!! His hair is so cool and the combination of those green-pink-yellowish colours suits him really well~~ He looks a little like some personified flower <3
And I like the marks under his eyes! *ö* Really, I love details like those~
And those two ribbons around hip and neck, aww~~ cute-o! xD
Say, how do you create this texture-layer like on the left side of the picture? I just started recently on computer coloration so I'm looking for some tips x'3

Keep on, you really rock!!!