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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 13.11.2010 19:12
Mexx's pop-ups are slowly driving me insane =___=
edit: thanks for your tips! I'm a happy person now xD

Czekolada again, now in winter edition!

lines in SAI, colors in Photoshop
weiblicher Charakter

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert


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Von:  BeChan
2010-11-16T15:30:07+00:00 16.11.2010 16:30
beautiful, really beautiful how you used the colors! If the pop ups annoyes you, then get the advertisment blocker for your browser o.o
Von:  Tokala
2010-11-14T21:28:57+00:00 14.11.2010 22:28
Beautiful! O___O <3

Von:  Wunschkind
2010-11-14T15:23:12+00:00 14.11.2010 16:23
Very cool! I like her shoes. : DD
Von:  hija_de_la_luna
2010-11-14T12:06:47+00:00 14.11.2010 13:06
so amazing! Your style ist gorgeous. :)
Von:  Sil-Coke
2010-11-14T00:25:53+00:00 14.11.2010 01:25
very beautiful
Von: abgemeldet
2010-11-13T23:13:27+00:00 14.11.2010 00:13
I really love this composition in turquise and chocolate-brown. And it's damn sexy, anyway.

Btw, if you're using Firefox, search for the Add-on NOSCRIPT. You'll admire it.
Von:  Carreauline
2010-11-13T22:15:41+00:00 13.11.2010 23:15
I love your drawings! *__*
The characterdesign of her is marvellous, and her pose is really nice! I like her outfit and the theme above all. I hope you can really do something in the game industry later, as I would immediately buy a game with your characterdesign x3

Liiiiike!!! <3
Von:  Mick
2010-11-13T22:08:27+00:00 13.11.2010 23:08
zu genial ^^
Von:  Wendel
2010-11-13T21:03:42+00:00 13.11.2010 22:03
so pretty *3*
Von: abgemeldet
2010-11-13T20:12:10+00:00 13.11.2010 21:12
awesome picture! I love her hair <3
Use firefox browser with "no script" and "adblock plus" app and you'll never have trouble with pop ups again :)