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yeyavailability   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 08.07.2010 01:42


Thanks to dEaD_pRiNcE for correcting my language fail. ;_;
Metal Gear Solid

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert

Ivan Raidenovic Raikov


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Von: abgemeldet
2010-08-27T21:01:47+00:00 27.08.2010 23:01
love that perspective and that mirrorthing on the wall haha
you're pretty good, why couldn't I find yourrrr arrrrrt earlier on DA.

shoes are so hard to draww, you did a great job!
i'm gonna watch you.

what's written on this sign btw?

lol, whut, you asian?
Von: abgemeldet
2010-08-25T21:58:23+00:00 25.08.2010 23:58
I didn't know we had such a great Non-German artist here, I kind of thought this was a purely German website =D

However, I like the lightning: It's soft, but not Airbrush-like soft. And the perspective is so simple and impressive! I wouldn't have thought that just changing the "usual" perspective to this here would leave such an impact on me. And his gesture is briiilliant xD How he looks like he's going to say : Heee, I'm better than you, why bother with posing?
I'm definetly watching you from now on, beware xD
Congrats on being artist of the month.
Von: abgemeldet
2010-08-20T22:03:47+00:00 21.08.2010 00:03
Dammn, he's kinda hot *///*
It is weird to think that a manga character is hot, but I stillthink THIS xD
Von:  Dorobbong
2010-08-14T23:36:12+00:00 15.08.2010 01:36
I love men in uniform. ;__;
And that's so hot! really. I like to have it on my wall. :3
Von:  FairyMoon
2010-08-14T09:08:55+00:00 14.08.2010 11:08
> > you're so talented T_T
> Thank you~ Why the sad face man, you're really talented too ;_;

xD no i'm not x_x but i wanna be like you one day *_* !
Von:  yeyavailability
2010-08-13T19:40:16+00:00 13.08.2010 21:40
> jeez. this pic is awesome. especially the uniform is great. this loks gorgious. you also hit the right angle. those boots... you just can scream 'kick me!' and even after getting messed up you would be completely satisfied... however, depsite the fact i dont know who this is supposed to be, this russian guy looks waayyyy pretty. ^^ *faves*

Thank you so much! :DD Haha, he's from a game, and I drew this before getting that game so I now realize how incredibly inaccurate this uniform is, especially his boots >_> I'm very glad you like this though! His prettiness is an inside joke, you should check it out it's hilarious :DD
Von:  yeyavailability
2010-08-13T19:34:03+00:00 13.08.2010 21:34
> That's great work =D

Thank you~ :D
Von:  yeyavailability
2010-08-13T19:33:34+00:00 13.08.2010 21:33
> Waaah, this is amazing!
> I love it. ^^ Great angle! And the colours and the glow are great, too!

Thank you very much! :DD I'm glad the angle worked out, thanks for the reassurance~
Von:  yeyavailability
2010-08-13T19:32:31+00:00 13.08.2010 21:32
> you're so talented T_T

Thank you~ Why the sad face man, you're really talented too ;_;
Von:  yeyavailability
2010-08-13T19:31:28+00:00 13.08.2010 21:31
> OMG I love the boots *___*
> Wonderful!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked this :DD