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Konohana   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 07.07.2010 22:01
again I couldn't make up a title and gave the title of the song I'm listening to, Pre-Parade by Rie Kugimiya (Toradora op1)

Aaaahaaa.... ;u; After saw the Sebastian vs Claude scene, I thought I should catch up with Kuroshitsuji. (I only read two volumes of the manga and 5 episodes of the anime) so today, I watched 13 episodes D:

It was awesome xDD

Though everytime I hear Ciel speak I think about Haruhi and when Sebas-chan speaks, I think about Shizu-chan and Hirato-san OTL

MY TOTAL FAVE IS GRELL (or how the hell do they spell his name) :heart::heart:

"Sebas-chan, when we'll kiss, use your tongue... your tongue..."

Anyway!! I drew this between two episoded lol~
Yes, I can't draw Ciel at all, I made him too girly *sob* and I didn't dare to draw Sebas-chan's face cuz I always draw him too young... ( -___-)

Tools: mechanical pencil, SAI, Photoshop (<--I hate it though)
Black Butler

Bleistift, Computer Grafik

Sebastian, Ciel


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Von:  Yumichan
2010-07-23T06:12:37+00:00 23.07.2010 08:12
wooow *___*
the pic is very good!! :D
the red-hair guy, greil, is soooo funny but he never get a kiss from sebatian ._____. ....poor thing~
Von: abgemeldet
2010-07-20T17:33:22+00:00 20.07.2010 19:33
wow. just... wooow O___Ö
Von: abgemeldet
2010-07-18T13:12:57+00:00 18.07.2010 15:12
wow, this is so awesome.
beautiful, just beautiful
I really like your "dirty" coloring!
how have you done it? did you use a pattern?
Von: abgemeldet
2010-07-08T17:23:32+00:00 08.07.2010 19:23
the best QAQ
Von:  Revya
2010-07-07T23:55:54+00:00 08.07.2010 01:55
Awesome :D
I like the Sebastian in the back <3
Von:  YuushiOshitari
2010-07-07T22:10:27+00:00 08.07.2010 00:10
Wow. Just wow. I always, always, aaaalways love your pics. D;
Von:  en
2010-07-07T20:51:30+00:00 07.07.2010 22:51
Cool pic! x3
Von:  Moane
2010-07-07T20:48:40+00:00 07.07.2010 22:48
beautiful! i love it :)
Von: abgemeldet
2010-07-07T20:48:22+00:00 07.07.2010 22:48
I think its genius x3 Love it!