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Noah_Shiro   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 07.06.2009 17:35
Yesterday it finally hit me and I've had an idea for a new enviroment! I played Final Fantasy Tactics and listened to the Kalafina Album and when I died (again ^^°°), the Intro suddenley inspired me for the picture above ^_^

I saw Roux (the main character) wander across the field. The near city almost destroeyd and somethign he never seen before float in the sky.
It cirlces around itself permanently and something even more mystical fly above it in the sky.
I hope it didn't look to apocalyptic 'cause it isn't, really ^^°

Fantasie, Landschaft

Computer Grafik

Kalafina Album- I looove them since Kuroshitsuji! *__*

Final Fantasy Tactics, Kalafina

Needed Time:
2-3 hours? Maybe less, dunno. I played a lot with the colours ^^°


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Von:  Grave
2009-06-12T10:57:35+00:00 12.06.2009 12:57
The funny thing is - it reminds be of my own art project one year ago. XDD The same atmosphere etc. Funny.

Okay coming to my comment...it's pretty cool. I like the fact, that you use green instead of the typical red everyone likes to pick when it comes to destroyed cities. But I have to say, all in all you can't see much? It's a little bit like a blurry mess of green, black and grey with some things you can make out, like Roux, the outlines of the city and this thingy in the skie.
It's a nice picture but I know you can do better than that. I don't have the big "Oh yeah!"-effect (yes, that's my official Oh yeah Effect combined with a sweet southern californian drawl.)

BUT now I have the deep desire to listen to Kalafina XD
Von: abgemeldet
2009-06-09T13:21:13+00:00 09.06.2009 15:21
Noah Noah~^^
Ur surprising me again and again. Well, altough I know, how talented u are, I'm always positively astonished^^
Adore your ideas and your skills, your inspirations. You know it, but I know, how you love to listen to it...^^
And I have always to repeat that xD
Von:  Zippi44
2009-06-08T16:06:27+00:00 08.06.2009 18:06
hell ya! really good!!!! the city in the background is awsome and i like the type of color flavor you used! it makes me thinking of the reasons, why the person is there and looks this lonley and a little bit creepy at the same time!!^^
you know i have no idea of the games u used to play in the past an yet, but i can imagine how gorgeus the game must be if you can draw this amazing picture!*___*

you're suprising me again and again!
and now, please don't take a close look at my english, i know i'm no good!-_-
please continue your goog work ^-^
see ya!<3
Von:  beltane
2009-06-08T14:30:48+00:00 08.06.2009 16:30
so here you have the same word again:
the picture is ... wow
i really really like, no love it
the dark mood is gorgeus
i favor the green fog, it makes the picture more mysterious
and those deep empyness and hopless feeling which creat the single person in the middle of the ruins is quiet perfect
so you see i LOVE this painting
it could be my new no. 1 ^^
Von:  Bateman
2009-06-07T18:52:57+00:00 07.06.2009 20:52
This is amazing! I love the dark atmosphere!
and these strange things in the sky a pretty cool- makes me really curious what they are for. Is there more to come?