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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 17.09.2008 14:53
A commission only, but I like it, so I submit it xD
charas belong to sapphirez
drawn in June
Fantasie, männlicher Charakter, weiblicher Charakter

Computer Grafik


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Von: abgemeldet
2009-01-20T22:54:40+00:00 20.01.2009 23:54
I liked it, realy. But the site by this Girl is to dark.
Find I and then great, great Job!

>.> Srry for my bad english ^^""
Von:  Oldschool-girl
2008-10-03T11:54:56+00:00 03.10.2008 13:54
Boooooooooah. *0*
Von:  Lyrilith
2008-09-18T06:32:04+00:00 18.09.2008 08:32
Like it as well. My only critic is that it seems a bit too dark. Maybe some highlights would help, for example the flames and the light it throws on the chars or some light sparkling in the water.

But everything else is perfect!
Von:  kisha
2008-09-17T19:33:39+00:00 17.09.2008 21:33
I so loove you style.. ♥
and your coloring as well =3
did i say that before? xDD
i especially like the way you draw boys and the hair
Von:  Pummelpanda
2008-09-17T18:22:12+00:00 17.09.2008 20:22
I love it... ;_______;
Their faces are so beautiful and they are such a cute pairing. <3
Von: abgemeldet
2008-09-17T17:30:03+00:00 17.09.2008 19:30
awesome art *_* really, really great!
it's amazing how you've drawn the water ^o^

Von:  Oogie-Boogie
2008-09-17T14:07:45+00:00 17.09.2008 16:07
Good, very good...
I Like it.
I gave that picture the best note and take it to my favorite list.
You have (Kennst du Guybrush Threepwood?) Talent Miss anikankina.

gez. Mr.Oogie-Boogie
Von:  fregn88
2008-09-17T14:07:29+00:00 17.09.2008 16:07
i love your colo-style so much!
Von:  FreakyPhoenix
2008-09-17T13:44:29+00:00 17.09.2008 15:44
wow this is great!
Von: abgemeldet
2008-09-17T13:34:08+00:00 17.09.2008 15:34
its GREAT!!!