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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 11.08.2008 17:12
my characters, elements gods.

edit > oh my, thanks for feature and your comments (especially since you need to write them in English) <3 !
männlicher Charakter, weiblicher Charakter, Elemente

Computer koloriert, Fineliner


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Von:  RagnorFell
2011-07-27T06:13:45+00:00 27.07.2011 08:13
Von:  Black_Tar
2010-05-24T22:36:57+00:00 25.05.2010 00:36
fire.... water... earth... air..

Von: abgemeldet
2010-05-21T14:07:49+00:00 21.05.2010 16:07
Thats cool
Sorry i like to writte more but my English isn´t good
Von:  Sunna
2009-07-12T22:29:26+00:00 13.07.2009 00:29
i love it
i like elements
Von:  RinaNicky
2009-05-03T10:03:50+00:00 03.05.2009 12:03
Awesome! I love it!
The colours are looking very nice and the black background is fitting perfect...
I like the water-girl and the earth-guy ;)
Von:  Farfarello
2009-05-03T08:38:14+00:00 03.05.2009 10:38
It's just beautiful! You're brilliant!
Von:  TokioGirl19
2009-03-20T11:44:18+00:00 20.03.2009 12:44
wow that is so nice and beautiful^^this colors are so wonderful ^^
Von:  Aiishi
2008-12-27T09:38:15+00:00 27.12.2008 10:38
The only thing which bothers me a bit is their cold looks. Did you do it on purpose or did it just come out this way?

(n.p. for the language, since both languages are foreign to me neway)
Von:  Masui
2008-11-11T12:16:26+00:00 11.11.2008 13:16
ohhh~ thats beautyful! <3
it remember me to my new charas which are allready yet!^^°
but my charas arn´t so good colored! xDDD°
Von:  Alice_Black
2008-10-29T14:26:51+00:00 29.10.2008 15:26
the idea is very great!!^^
i like the wind-guy and the water-girl =)
...the picture is beautiful =)