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Rilakkuma   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 26.01.2008 15:19
This is David Garrett...does anyone know him?
He's a violin-player...but he's playing not the typical classical sounds, whatever. he's looking quite hot too boy!♥

Please visit my Blog!

All you can see is drawn by me..yea, i need to be better i guess. I should say that it's looking moreover better in "real size" which is in TIFF..blabla, never mind.
Edit: you may see him here if you're interested
i like the part from 2:00 on, it's godlike. (only if you "know" how to esteem classical music)
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Computer koloriert, Lineart

3 Hours

D.G. of coz' !


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Von:  Oldschool-girl
2009-03-05T20:14:14+00:00 05.03.2009 21:14
Uwaaaah, das is ja derbegeil....Ö____________Ö
Echt mega wie du das Licht hingekriegt hast, ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir. ^^
Von:  blubbie
2008-07-27T19:38:42+00:00 27.07.2008 21:38
Wow, that looks fantastic! The place, where he is sitting reminds me of a small stairway in Edinburgh...
Really great!
Von: abgemeldet
2008-01-29T17:27:41+00:00 29.01.2008 18:27
Wow, what a great atmosphere. The lightning is really impressive and the way he's sitting there looks kinda lonley *___*
I didn't know David Garret, but you're right, it's godlike <3
Von: abgemeldet
2008-01-27T12:27:09+00:00 27.01.2008 13:27
that´s great! ^.^ I like the dark colour and the lights!
what a awesome feeling! 8D
Von:  Titamiwa
2008-01-26T21:23:12+00:00 26.01.2008 22:23
wow Ö___Ö *1+favo+aiko*
Von:  straubi
2008-01-26T20:20:53+00:00 26.01.2008 21:20
now that i have seen his pic and hear the music i know this guy
he is really unbelieveable
my favourite is czardas (falls jemand von euch das mal hören bzw. ihn sehen möchte, ist hier ein kleiner ausschnitt:
and carmen fantasia
thanks for the pic

great straubi
Von:  straubi
2008-01-26T20:16:06+00:00 26.01.2008 21:16
i don't know david garrett
but your draw is wonderful and nice
i like it
Von: abgemeldet
2008-01-26T19:38:02+00:00 26.01.2008 20:38
This picture is wonderful! I like ,how you played with the light! a favourite of me!!!
Von: abgemeldet
2008-01-26T18:37:40+00:00 26.01.2008 19:37
amazing! i love the colours and the atmosphere....*.*
and the sky...! beautiful, all in all!
*1 + favo*
Von:  -Asu-
2008-01-26T17:34:42+00:00 26.01.2008 18:34
WoW! Awsome! And you said you have to be better? I would be happy if I could draw like you! The colors and the light are very beautiful and it create a very (for me) peaceful atmosphere.

I saw the guy on youtube and I think he's very interesting! And yeah ... he's looking quite good. ^ ^ I like to listen to such kind of music. =3