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Hope Dies Last, But It Dies.

Zeichner: Hexenbalg   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 29.05.2016
Neueste Seite: 11.06.2016
Nicht abgeschlossen
Stichwörter: Fantasy, Shōnen-Ai, Drama
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Westlich
Kapitel: 1
Seiten: 7
  • Seiten: 7
    Neueste Seite: 11.06.2016
    Status: Nicht abgeschlossen

Hope Dies Last is a comic about some people in some kind of dystopian world, and some of them have some kind of powers.

Zero is a military renegrade that gets found half dead in the desert by two Blanks who take him back to the base of their group.
Q is part of the group and a Blank-Forced who has the gift to tell if people lie, and he is determined to find out Zeros secret.
Alyssa just really, really doesn't trust Zero and wants him dead, while Tanitha has no problem keeping him to use him.
And Nivaeh is never there.

Almost all characters in this comic will be LGBT in some way or another.
(I just choose Shonen-Ai as a category because you can't choose LGBT in general and I guess it's gonna be the main thing.)
Updates every Saturday, sometimes in between.
Read from left to right.

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