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… at the German Comic Con Berlin (30th September)!

Hello everybody!

Since we are all getting excited for the second movie (more like … dying with anticipation) I decided that I wanna organise a* Kingsman meetup at the German Comic Con Berlin 2017! It’s the exact weekend after the movie is out in cinemas and I guess the *golden circle spirit will be strong then. more like we will all be recovering from multiple heart attacks.

When meeting up, we can ramble about headcanons and ships and the new movie in particular (just be sure that you don’t spoiler people), take group photos and maybe even do some cool cosplay shoots. Being in costume is not obligatory, but it would be totally cool if we were able to collect a small group of cosplayers (I myself will be there as Eggsy)? Just have fun and connect, basically.


Entry to "Halle 1" coming from Eingang Süd



I know it’s late within a convention day, but I am thinking of it as a nice and chill ending (since the con closes at 18:00). If there is a demand for a longer meetup or if people want to see each other again, I’d be totally up for a second meetup on Sunday.

If you have any questions or want to tell me you’re coming, just message me (I am patronusbro on basically all my social media). I will also post a picture of my cosplay on my Tumblr account during the next few weeks so you know what to look out for.

Looking forward to meet a lot of you!!

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