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Tokonatsu 2008

Datum -
Ampthill & Woburn District Scout Ground
Milton Bryan
Kategorie Event außerhalb von D/A/CH/LU
Größenordnung 100-250 Besucher
Homepage http://www.tokonatsu.org.uk
Kontakt Myst myst@tokonatsu.org.uk
Beschreibung Von der Webseite:
"It is a unique festival within UK Anime in which we all gather to discuss and enjoy Anime and Manga in the great outdoors. At the Tokonatsu UK Anime Festival there will be a variety of events including Anime screenings, Masquerade, "The Quiz", DDR & the always popular Otaku Royal!

We are in the process of confirming dealers so that you'll all have the opportunity to grab the latest Anime merchandise.

The Tokonatsu Camping Anime & Manga Festival is being held from the 25th to the 28th of July 2008 in the beautiful setting of Woburn, England, which is only 20 minutes from the M1 & Milton Keynes Train station. During your experience at Tokonatsu you will be pitching your tents along side fellow Anime fans and enjoying the food and entertainment provided.

The festival is open to the ages of 13 and above, though under 16's will require parental consent before they can attend."
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