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Candy Candy - Die Folgen (115)

Nr. Titel englisch Titel japanisch
1A pretty, lassowielding girl  
2Take Off! Adventuring together  
3A Good Bye from the Carriege  
4You're cute when you smile!  
5From today, I'll be a Princess?  
6A prince in the hill  
7Do I look like a lady?  
8A happy invitation  
9The Ball I met Him  
10A wonderful dance  
11Connecting the Hearts: Small Ribbon  
12The Birthday filled with a Sweet fragrance of Roses  
13The 3 Lonely People  
14Old beloved tree in the hill  
15A decision that clears happiness to Candy  
16Trip to a unknown country  
17In the distant desert  
18The crucifix of the luck  
19After a laborious trip  
20 I am happier than a lark  
21 A dove brings a friendship vote  
22 You do not die, Anthony  
23Its first stroll together  
24Anthony dies  
25Controlling to the pain  
26The father tree all knows it  
27The gift of an angel  
28The colorful heart of Candy  
29A full game of hopes  
30Love through sea  
31A new day in an old city  
32Another hill of Pony  
33An aged student  
34The secret of one on  
35A wonderful Sunday  
36Anny recovers its smile  
37An unexpected encounter  
38The secret of Terry  
39The treasure that infuriated the rector  
40It is possible to be entered and to be left freely  
41A fairy in the festival of the school  
42Picnic to midnight  
43School of summer  
44Bows of Sangre  
45 White celebration for two  
46Vibrant summer end  
47The trap of Eliza  
48Between your cold and thick walls  
49The decision of Terry  
50Game in the matinal mist  
51The long way to the port  
52The stars of a stable  
53Dawn in the Rossdale mountains  
54Southampton in the fog  
55They did not translate the name of this episode  
56Beyond the storm  
57The port through a window  
58The return to the home under the snow  
59Teacher of games by a day  
60Friend sees with the wind  
61Decision time  
62Train towards a new life  
63Candy knows a grandmother in the city  
64A very clumsy white angel  
65Treatment with a smile  
66Imaginary grandfathers  
67Miena where are you ?  
68Petals in spring fell  
69Memories of a white rose  
70A very young fiancèe  
71A sailor in the hill  
72A girl in a fourth special one  
73A rumor on Terry  
74Towards a great hospital of city  
75The residence of the grandfathers  
76The small house of the memory  
77A very conscientious nurse  
78Melodia of Terry  
79Behind the footlights  
80A very brief encounter  
81Terry without its face  
82 Flowers in a tender heart grow  
83A ghost that plays cards  
84The scent of the war in the uniform  
85 A family done of hatred and love  
86The man who lost his past  
87Examinations for two  
88 A good incentive   
89The disappeared Mr. Albert  
90A small castle  
91Two loving hearts  
92Treatment with shock  
93Cupido with wrinkles  
94Two for a trip  
96Invitation with going passage  
97The encounter  
98One night of opening  
99Separation in a day of snow  
100The platform of tears  
101 A memory spying  
102The cross in the hill of Pony  
103A long and difficult trip  
104A clinic does not need an angel  
105The gentile refugee  
106Another assassin  
107A great aid  
108Celebrations in the valley  
109The true face of the war  
110An embarrassing love  
111To recover the past  
112The deceit of Neil  
113People come and people go away  
114 The day in which Candy sees the great-grandfather  
115The roses are flowers in Pony's Hill