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Minna-san, Konnichiwa!
~*Willkommen auf meiner Animexx Projektseite*~

  Hier könnt Ihr euch ab sofort über alles rund um Shiroku und Co informieren.

Seien es neue Auftrittstermine, CD-Veröffentlichungen, seltsame Gedanken oder Pinguine,
hier werdet ihr immer auf dem laufenden gehalten und wisst ganz genau was in Shiroku´s Leben so passiert.

Schaut doch auch mal hier rein:

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~* News *~
~* News*~

~* 10.11.2012 *~

Yay, die Projektseite ist endlich online!
In nächster Zeit wird die Seite aufjedenfall noch weiter ausgebaut.
Also schaut aufjedenfall demnächst nochmal vorbei!

Ich freu mich!
Bis dann :)
-: Started today a new cosplay now a break
-: Shiroku hat AnimeRadio.des Beitrag geteilt.
Happy to announce that i got invited to the 2. Japan & Anime Tag - Zeitz at the 28. April 2018 powered by AnimeRadio.de. I'm going to give a concert there and can't wait to meet everyone ❤❤ Tickets: www.animetickets.de/event/JAZ2/2-Japan-Anime-Tag-Zeitz See you there ❤❤
-: I wish everyone a happy valentinesday ❤ may you spend your tome with your beloved ones. Partner, pet, friends or good food ❤ Pic by Meermiau
-: I want to show you my first Suzaku pictyre from this weekend ❤ Thanks so much Romy Cosplay for helping out and Meermiau for the pictures ❤ The sword is made by Chiko ❤❤ My very first competition cosplay made in 2014 lol Still love it ❤
-: ~> New prints available <~ Due to recent requests I decided to offer some "booth only" prints and updated my store. *o* You can also get my latest album "Anime No Tamashii" there. :) Please have a look! shiroku.storenvy.com/
-: Getting everything ready for Saturday's shoot ❤
-: My new prints arrived 👌❤love the colours!
-: Shiroku hat Viencons Beitrag geteilt.
Just a few more bookings to realize Viencon❤❤ go for it guts it will be a great pool party event!
-: I wish you a great Monday ❤ Shiroku as Kaneki Picture by Meermiau
-: My first Okita picture ❤ Thanks DieselsVideos for taking your time to make some pictures ❤ We took them at the booth of Japanwelt during the JapanFestivalBerlin ❤ #Fate #FateGo #Okita #Souji #OkitaSouji #cosplayer #Cosplay #Japanfestival #Japanwelt #anime #Game #Fun
~* Next Time On Stage *~

~*> Connichi

       13.-15.09.2013, Kassel (Deutschland)

       Sonntag 14:30 Uhr Hauptsaal



~*> Mega Manga Con

       04.10. - 06.10.2013, Berlin (Deutschland)

       Samstag 12 Uhr

       Piano, Dancecrew and Voice  

~* Diskografie*~

~* Alben *~

~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* 2012: Anime No Piano

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2011: Anime Wonderland

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime Dreams

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)


~* Singles *~

~* 2011: Bad Apple

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
Top 40 in den
jap. Itunes Dance Charts
~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime X´Mas from Japan

(Online: Not available)
~* 2009: Inori - You Raise Me Up

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* Member*~
~* Thanks for working with me! *~

~* On Stage      
Gesang: Shiroku    
Piano: Manami Haruta Shiroku  
Tanz: Ishida _Riko_  
  Annemie Sweety-Rikku  
Support: Kickaha Mangamaz  
~* Off Stage      
Foto: Harlock Meermiau Michael Kügler
Design: Chiyoko_Chi    
Producer: GatsuE    


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