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Team Fortress 2 Meetup.

Unterevent von: gamescom 2014 (13.08. - 17.08.2014)

Deutschland, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Kategorie Club-/Gruppentreffen
Größenordnung 3-50 Besucher
Beschreibung Hello All.

Because I know that there are quite a few TF2 Fans among us, I thought it would be great to actually do a small meetup. I'm also writing this in english because I know that there will be people coming who aren't from Germany (I'm German, but coming over from Ireland) and would also maybe like to join us.

Since I am in Ireland, I would love to have a few helpers/orgas at my side, just ask if you are willing to help!

Genauer Treffpunkt/Meeting Spot:

Since I haven't been to Gamescom since 2012, I don't remember where the best place might be to meet up. I am open to suggestions from somebody who's a bit more acquainted will the hall setup etc. A

Ungefährer Ablauf/Plan:

So far the only plan I could think of is just meeting up and taking pictures. I will be taking my full camera equipment with me, so if you are in Cosplay and we can find a good location, I'd be glad to have a little photoshoot with some of you. Maybe even after the con? Depends I guess~

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