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As part of the Fairy Tale Summer/Märchensommer you get my review for Im Bann der zertanzten Schuhe (Under the Spell of the worn-out Dancing Shoes) by Janna Ruth.

What is it about?


Even after two years  the war still has its hold on Jonas and nightmares and visions are his constant companions. As he one day wanders through a new town he reaches the DeModie and stumbling out of it is the cheerful Sophie who unexpectedly enchants him with her liveliness. Shortly after he learns that the job he’s applying for is from her father who wants to hire him to know what his daughter is doing every night. As Jonas soon finds out is the former ballerina off to dance with her prince, Luca, in the DeModie, an enchanted realm right within the nightlife.

The worn-out dancing Shoes with less princesses, but even more magical by the Märchenspinnerei.

The reading experience

For this one I as well wrote down some thoughts in the Reading Group on Facebook (Magical Book Reading) and also kept track of them on Goodreads, so most things might sound familiar.

The story is told in turns from Jonas’ and Sophie’s perspectives, but not in first person. The chapters are much longer than the ones from the other Märchenspinnerei books and it’s a nice change. Every chapter title uses a phrase and silhouette from ballet, as it is an integral part of Sophie’s life. Where Sophie’s chapters are mostly magical and phantastic, Jonas’ brings a more realistic view to the page and it’s a great contrast to see things through their very different eyes. At one point we even get to see a scene from both their perspectives, something I always enjoy in different media. The story itself manages to switch between very soft, quiet passages and energetic climaxes, just like in a good ballad. :D


At the core of it, the book is a love story and therefore has the necessary elements: A girl with rose-coloured glasses, a lover’s oath and instant affection. Some of it is explained through the characters situations and characteristics, but for someone like me, who’s not that much into romance it’s hard to take serious. Still, it doesn’t get too much attention and is integrated nice and naturally – especially the reactions in some situations. In general are the interactions between the characters and their respective reactions to certain turns of events very natural. Thus it doesn’t feel like your just reading a book, it feels more like you’re following their journey by their side.


The characters


As I’ve mentioned before are the interactions between the characters very natural, which makes following their story so much easier. You can see this interaction especially with Jonas and Sophie: They motivate and help each other without wanting anything in return. What’s best about the characters is that all of them are [...]

General Opinion

I know I’ve been repeated myself over and over how great I found certain aspects, but I just can’t help it. I write reviews the way I see stuff and this book really was something special that certainly put me under its spell (pun intended ;) ).

The more I thought about it, the more I believed that I didn’t read a book but a written composition. The language of the dance crossed over into the telling of the story and turned the flow of reading into a reading experience that varied between fast, exciting main themes, emotional climaxes and slow interludes.


Stuff I’d like to add

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