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Video: Dokomi 2012 - „Edi Late Night Christiansen - Teil 3"

Von: Roman_Pataki (Moe University)
Datum: 29.06.2012, 15:28
Länge: 12:39 Minuten
Thema: DoKomi
Kategorie: Cons/Interviews
Beschreibung: Welcome to our late night talk straight from the Dokomi 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since the regular convention center was closed from 08:00 PM to the next morning and only the Cosplay-dance was held on Saturday night, we decided to do our "Edi LateNight Christiansen" a little bit earlier this time. So do not wonder about the daylight you can see at the windows.

This time we do have two very lovely guests! On the one hand we have Shiroku, she is a singer and songwriter from Hamburg. (www.shiroku.de) She is about to release here third music album and was performing live on stage at Dokomi. And on the other hand we got Nik from Moonflow Entertainment (www.moonflow.tv), who is also a co-worker at GIGA.de, an online magazine about games, movies, television and lifestyle. Also joining the round are Jing and Ohki from the "Die Con ist Heiss" KREW. Together we talk along about the Dokomi, our tasks in Düsseldorf and recent projects.

This late night talk originally was a live-stream done by Moonflo.tv and is now re edited for maximum entertainment.

Also check out part one and two of this Late-Night:



As well, as all the other "Edi Late Night Christiansen"

Further we want to thank the people at Dokomi (www.dokomi.de) for their wonderful support.

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