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Video: Connichi 2014 Cosplay Video 1/2

Von: Diesel (Cosplay Videos by Diesel)
Datum: 20.11.2014, 23:00
Länge: 3:59 Minuten
Thema: Connichi
Kategorie: Event-Impressionen
Beschreibung: All footage was taken at Connichi 2014 in Kassel/ Germany.


If you're in the video you can write me a message with time index, cosplay, your call name and a link to a presence of you. So I can feature you in the description.


For updates, work in progress and features add me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dieselsvideos
For some informations and a lot of SPAM follow me on Twitter:
https://www.twitter.com/dieselsvideos ;-)
Sometimes I post photos or stills on deviantArt:
http://dieselsvideo.deviantart.com<​br /> For my FAQ (actually only in german), cast galleries and photos visit http://diesel.animexx.jp
Or ask me Questions in german or english at http://www.ask.fm/DieselsVideos


Featured Music: Don't Hate Me by Jingle Punks
from the YouTube audio library


Endcard Music:
The Cypher Circle by Vincent Lee
available under Creative Commons Attribution Share alike license

The Cypher Circle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zduZTERya3E
Vincent Lee @ Youtube:
Homepage: http://www.vincentleemusic.com
License: http://www.vincentleemusic.com/agreemen​t/

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