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News von  animexx
23.06.2001 10:39
Sega setzt auf Anime
Newsmeldung von  animexx auf Animexx.de
Sega will in Zukunft nicht mehr nur von Videospielen abhängig sein und wird daher in Zukunft verstärkt auch auf die Produktion von Anime setzen. Die ausführliche Meldung dazu (englisch) gibt es im Anhang.
According to the AFP a new venture into cartoon programs could help financially troubled games company Sega Corp. reduce its reliance on games, a Sega executive said.
The Japanese company would produce animated television programs as part of efforts to diversify its business portfolio and reduce reliance on the volatile game business, Sega chief operating officer Tetsu Kayama said on Tuesday.
"Today's announcement is a very important step ... as we aim to reorganise and restructure our business portfolios," Kayama told a news conference. "And, this is only the beginning in terms of inroads into new businesses."
Sega said in a statement it would produce a new animated television program using the Animanium technology, an advanced computer graphic technique, through a partnership with the independent Idea Factory.
The company also said it would form a consortium with local animated film makers and software developers to establish the new computer graphic technology as an industry standard for animation programming.
Sega's Future Entertainment Division, which was recently formed to examine business opportunities in non-game areas, said it would initially target professional application of the new technology, but would aim to expand it to the consumer segment.
The division has also developed new equipment using virtual reality technologies which can display virtual pets such as fish on its thin film transistor panel.

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