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Von:    Feena 24.08.2001 18:42
Betreff: *froi*!! [Antworten]
ich freu mich voll das eins meiner bilder im aiko fotoalbum ist ! dankööö :)


Once, when the world was yet
trapped in darkness, the
goddess of Mana felled 8
incarnations of disaster
that guided the world
to destruction,
the God-Beasts, with the
Sword of Mana, and
sealed them in 8 stones.
And, as the darkness left,
the world was created.
The goddess of Mana turned
herself into a tree, and fell
asleep. Many years passed...

Due to the actions of some who
plot to unleash the God-Beasts
from the stones, obtain power
surpassing even that of the
gods, and to make the world their
own, conflict breaks out
heralding the end of peace...

Mana is rapidly disappearing
from the earth. Even the Mana
Tree has begun to wither...


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