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To Taiji

My dear friend Taiji
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Letzte Änderung: 15.08.2014
1218 Wörter, 1 Kapitel
Hauptcharaktere: Taiji, Toshi
A letter from Toshi san to Taiji san

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Kapitel 1 With love your Toshi E: 15.08.2014
U: 15.08.2014
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1218 Wörter
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  • Charakter

    Known as: Sawada Taiji
    Nickname: Ray, Cowboy
    Position: Bass

    Taiji san was until 1995 with X - Japan as their bassist. He was extremly talented, with bass as well as with guitar. 2011 Taiji san had been reunited with X - Japan for a guest performance in Yokohama, while the world tour. Shorly after Taiji san suddenly passed away under strange circumstances and left his friend and fanswith in indescrible feeling of emptyness in their hearts. One day Toshi san hopes to see his old friend back again.
  • Charakter

    Real Name: Deyama Toshimitsu
    Position: Vocal of X Japan
    Nickname: Tocchi (from Yoshiki)

    Toshi is the vocal of X - Japan and a goodhearted man. He's the best friend and soulmate of Yoshiki san. Also with Taiji san Toshi san had been closed friends and he's missing his old friend very much. One night Toshi san decited to write down his thoughts into a letter for Taiji san.
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Von:  RedSky
2014-09-15T19:35:26+00:00 15.09.2014 21:35
Okay...now I have tears in my eyes....
Antwort von:  Chacha
16.09.2014 01:53
Dear Rebel

Thank you very much. I feel honored that my letter touched your heart so deeply. My special thanks goes to vampirdawn. She gave me the inspriation with her beautiful picture.
Von:  vampirsdawn
2014-09-13T21:09:55+00:00 13.09.2014 23:09
I really love this letter... great job my dear ^.^
Antwort von:  Chacha
16.09.2014 01:54
Dear Vampirdawn

Thank you very much for your kind words but you know, your picture had gave me inspiration for this story. I hope that I soon get another idea for another story for your beautiful pictures.