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Leo_of_GnG   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 28.03.2011 10:02
Inspired by Line Age II :) Themen:
The Legend of Zelda

Computer koloriert



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Von:  Serenity-Hime
2011-03-30T09:32:05+00:00 30.03.2011 11:32
He looks so cool and sexy.
Hair and face are wonderful, so dynamic and full of Emotion. The eyes have the power to hypnotise and fascinate.
Really fantastic^^
Von:  Rica_chan
2011-03-28T13:15:10+00:00 28.03.2011 15:15
It's awesome!! I like it very much ;)
But in the background the grass seems a little bit strange. In the bottom it's to detail... it should be more blurry.

Link is beautiful. Keep it up! =)
(Don'T take it to serious: His face looks a little bit like Edward Cullens :P)
Von:  Isogi
2011-03-28T11:33:13+00:00 28.03.2011 13:33
(I apologize in advance for my bad english!=D)
Link looks so sexy in your style!
His hair seems so fluffy it makes me want to touch it!=DD
His eyes are stunning, they are so full of life, so real!<3
I really like it! Keep up your good work!^-^
Von:  Xuran
2011-03-28T11:10:16+00:00 28.03.2011 13:10
He looks like the hobit of The Lord of the rings XDD
Von:  Yusuna
2011-03-28T10:24:58+00:00 28.03.2011 12:24
wow, the eyes look beautiful! but in my opinion are the lips a bit too dark.
Von:  Sabakuro
2011-03-28T10:13:51+00:00 28.03.2011 12:13
very nice, i like the eyes and his hair ^^