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Clarice   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 23.01.2017 21:02
Ophelia tried to hurry up. It was so late by now and her darling would surely wait for her already! Since this morning she hadn't seen him unfortunately because she was needed at the hospital where she used to help too. Winter was there and with it the bitter cold as well. And he had to work at Mr. Jenkins' book store as usual now.
She liked the snow actually. It was the time to drink more tea than usual, to eat more sweets and baked goods than usual and to cover under a warm cosy blanket! All these years before she was just able to do this with Aron or alone. But now... NOW she had found the man she dreamed off for so long to share such things with her!
But she wasn't alone with such thoughts.
Because this man who won her heart for himself all alone was so happy, that words weren't enough to describe it. All these last years, the lonely and sleepless nights. These nightmares and haunted memories paired with his longed desires almost killed him inside. And in this moment when he thought he had lost everything, a wonder did happen, a wonder named ~ Ophelia!

And Ophelia instead really hope that he would remember on her little request to not forget to put his scarf, his gloves and toque on, she just knit for him the last days, when he would left their home. Her darling shouldn't feel cold after all.
The gloves and toque she made were black. Just the scarf was as 'golden' as the unique and so beautiful golden eyes of her sweetheart. And Lia knew how cold his hands and other parts of his body always were, no matter how much she tried to warm it all up. So one shouldn't summon the devil with it, right?

And no, John didn't forgot about her sweet gifts of course. Well, at least not about the scarf. But just because it hung directly next to his old coat at the wall near the apartment door. Led by his (still) old habits to grab his old 'friend' he just took the golden 'wool-piece'. The rest remained at the table unfortunately.

So with swiftly feet she arrived with just some very few minutes in late their rendezvous point by the Themse. From the distance she imminently saw her love. But she couldn't see if he was wearing her knit cap, gloves and such at first. Anyway...
A more and more bigger smile took place on her lips while she almost run the last meters before she called his name loud and threw herself straightly into his arms.
John of course reacted instantly right after he heard her lovely voice calling him and caught her.
She warped her arms around him, giggled sweetly, while John twirled both of them for a tiny moment, before he stopped again. Slowly and with a more than huge smile on his face too, he looked at his beautiful treasure, which promptly stolen herself a sweet little - 'I'm here' - kiss.
"My darling... Finally!" her voice spoke softly.
"My angel...." he whispered tenderly.
"I missed you so much and I'm so sorry for my delay. I let you wait in the cold."
John shook his head. "There is nothing to forgive, my love. Be sure. I would wait for you until eternity in this cold if I had to, believe me."
Ophelia blushed instantly ever so slightly by this tender words and kissed him straightway a second time.
"So would I do, my darling! God knows that!" she agreed.
But like this Lia also noticed now, that John just wore his scarf instead of all his items. So she stopped short and sighed deeply. Lia freed her arms from his neck and let her hands stroke down over his chest and coat.
"You did forget your knit cap and gloves. And you also took your old coat instead of your new - warm one..." she said, but not angry or mad. Soft and gentle as she always did and actually a bit more worried and regretting.
The young woman lowered her head and voice still sighing and took his blank hands. Tenderly, as usually, she put them up to her lips and started to try to warm them up with her breath (as always).
"Like this, your hands will never get the chance to be more warm, darling." she mumbled between her action. John however felt deeply sorry. He didn't want to disappoint his Beauty, but he couldn't deny, that he was touched, every time anew, when Lia tried to warm his dead cold hands.
"My angel....please... You know it will be in vain and..." he stooped and sighed now himself as well. She was simply incorrigibly. But that was one aspect of so many, why she was the one and only, the woman he loved so much.
"Please... Lia, my love..." He turned her hands, interrupted her a bit regretfully and put them into his own.
"I promise you that I won't feel cold. Not as long as I got you by my side, my angel!"
And again she blushed a bit and was now the one who had to shook her head slightly, while pressing his hands gently and gasping resignedly.
"And I promise you, I will be always there. Always!"
Lia couldn't resist but smile at him again before she stretched herself towards him to pinch another soft kiss from her darling's lips.
"What would you do without me?" she whispered now rather rhetorically.
But John smiled gasping.
"That is an easy thing to say..." he answered right away with a tender gaze on his face and into her so pretty brown eyes. "I ~ would not know what it means to be touched by an angel. An angel who was sent from heaven to save my dark soul. To save the monster in it! I ~ would not know what true loves really means. How it feels, how it smells and tastes... The sweetens ~ in every single of your kisses ~ like nectar ~ Honey and ambrosia from my most beautiful Aphrodite! ~ My Everything ~ Forever and Only!"

Story Illustration based on a RP/AU FF called - Wonders ~ God's work & devil's contribution
- Me & Greenyfoxy
John Clare/Caliban/The Creature (C) PennyDreadful
Ophelia Broderick (C) Me
Gefühle, Romantik, Penny Dreadful

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert, Lineart

Eigener Charakter, Frankensteins Monster / Caliban / John Clare


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Von: Estelle
2017-02-22T22:10:21+00:00 22.02.2017 23:10

Da du so viele Fanarts zu PD zeichnest wollte ich dich darauf hinweisen, dass es nun eine eigene Penny Dreadful-Kategorie gibt: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/themen/9537_Penny_Dreadful/
Antwort von:  Clarice
03.03.2017 16:36
Oh wie cool^^ danke sehr :D