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Clarice   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 06.09.2016 13:13
Since I love Vanessa too and since I made/posted the sketch on my Instagram of it some month ago, I thought I could finish the lines to post it here as well ^^

These women are the most important one in life of my darling John Clare. ^^

Vanessa Ives:::
Because she is more than a friend to him in my eyes - more like a sister IMHO. She always treated him with pure kindness and respect. Cared for him and never blamed him or even mentioned it that he was/is 'different' than other men - it was always quite the opposite!

My most beloved quote of her was:
"Mr. Clare, there is around me a shroud that brings only pain. I won't allow you to suffer, not you. I think you are the most human man I have ever known."


Because she is the women he was looking for in his short/re-born, sad, lonely,loveless and rejected life. Q__Q Ophelia feels like an outcast herself because of her pigment disorder and her secret to be marked by god for to serve one of his archangels.
Ophelia, who prefer to be called Lia, fell in love with John because he is special. He is different to every other men she had ever met and not just because of his appearance. It's for his shy and so polite kind and (like Vanessa said too) his beautiful eyes. But also e.g for the love they share for poetry and books. And so much more,...

One quote example of her :
"Don't fear the darkness anymore, my love. Because sometimes only the darkness let see you the light of hope. Please - Always remember that I will love you for the man you are, for man you always were. Thee own my heart! Only thee! "

Miss Vanessa Ives (C) PennyDreadful
Ophelia Broderick (C) Me
Gothic, Penny Dreadful

Computer Grafik, Lineart

Eigener Charakter, Vanessa Ives


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Von:  Oogie-Boogie
2016-09-06T13:55:06+00:00 06.09.2016 15:55
Oha, oha...!
Die zwei sind ja mächtig schön.^^
Antwort von:  Clarice
06.09.2016 19:50
Hehehe in der Tat ;)