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Konohana   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 28.06.2009 00:54
Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn and Sawada Shin from Gokusen. Tsuna looks pale... And yay I can draw Shin! Banzai! I don't like his actor in the TV drama. Where's that hot/dumb pokerface and the most important thing, his red hair?? He's Young Master Red Lion, isn't he???? The Ooedo Yondaime??? Themen:
Gokusen, Reborn!

Computer Grafik

Shin Sawada, Tsunayoshi Sawada


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Von:  Takiya_Genji
2009-08-21T15:33:29+00:00 21.08.2009 17:33
YAY, there sototally different characters! XD
the pic's great. <3
Von:  diaspora
2009-06-28T09:37:40+00:00 28.06.2009 11:37
tsuna is sooo cute >W<
and the other guy looks hot owO
but i dont know him ~...
his hair are very detailed >W<
and i like the red color >W<