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QueenNati   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 16.07.2014 07:08
---**~DISCLAIMER: Ich bin schon Deutsch, aber einfach zu faul meine englischen Texte von dA zu übersetzen, also vergebt mir und nutzt, falls es euch interessiert notfalls den wunderbaren google translator ;) ~**---

People that follow me on tumblr know that I'm pretty involved in the minecraft community at the moment (especially in the endermen kind of place, heh)
And here ya have a picture of my secondary character 'Laiwa', who doesn't have an askblog YET, but I'm planning to open one for him. Because without HIM, people would never get to know what they really need to know about Beasty.
He's a mage, and a very dark one, too. Better descriptions will follow as soon as his blog opens.

Here's the link to Beasty's blog~ [I sadly took it down so no link]

Swear at the walls
They make fun of me
Day after day
Eyes that follow me
Is it you again?
Can this be the end forever?

See through your eyes
Child's heart that cries
Raven flight, flies
And the meaning dies
As it was before
It will be no more
Time does that

art & character (c) by me, NO TOUCHIES and you are NOT allowed to use this artwork without my permission!

P.S.: THANKS TO EVERYONE that accompanied me in the livestream!
Mystery, Minecraft

Computer Grafik


Done with:
Easy Paint Tool SAI and Wacom Bamboo

Time used:
ach keinen Plan mehr


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