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overweight-cat   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 04.03.2012 17:02
90 minutes speedpainting in JCC jakarta today , for a Wacom SpeedPainting Competition , it was really tiring and pushing my adrenaline :)

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Von: abgemeldet
2012-03-05T19:53:29+00:00 05.03.2012 20:53
That pic is awesome. Totally XD
great work of art X3
Von:  Jondy
2012-03-05T18:40:36+00:00 05.03.2012 19:40
wow....Thats very good. i like the perspective. Its great.
Von:  Bychan
2012-03-05T15:31:08+00:00 05.03.2012 16:31
holy cow. 90 minutes.... ente jenius! Saya sangat suka all your work!
Good Job. Cant wait to see more
Von:  Farfarello
2012-03-04T21:01:12+00:00 04.03.2012 22:01
90 Minutes? Oh wow. o_o
I don't think I could have done anything like that in... Ten times 90 Minutes. =_=
Von:  MadameButterfly
2012-03-04T18:36:17+00:00 04.03.2012 19:36
WOW!!! *O* <-- eyes and mouth wide opened
That's so.. SO AMAZING! AWESOME! my god!
I wish i could draw such things on a computer! *O*y
I really like the perspective and I love his armor and his face and the hair and.. just wow... ♥
Von:  MIchi97
2012-03-04T17:36:16+00:00 04.03.2012 18:36
This is awesome. I like the dark colours. ^-^
Von: Toxic_Cave
2012-03-04T16:08:03+00:00 04.03.2012 17:08
This is awesome!!!! *q*